Crawler purple

Purple Crawler

This was my entry in a comp where everyone had to use the Matchbox "Jungle Crawler" casting.

Being more of a HotRod than 4x4 fan, I converted it using a "Pass'n Gasser" front clip, "40's Woody" rear guards and running boards,

a "Way2Fast" engine, "Custom 66 GTO Wagon" interior and a set of Maisto wheels.

Paint is purple nail polish with foil for the chrome details.

It did terrible in the competition, getting 2 of the 45 votes, tieing for 7th/8th place out of 11 entries.

Despite it's abysmal competition performance, I like it a lot....

the shape feels right and the details of the Matchbox casting suit it really well, and purple has become my favorite colour.

With hindsight I can see that I went too big on the wheels, which also made it sit too high off the ground.