The 1956 Flashsider I entered in the "Battle of the Kustomizers" comp got 2nd place to a previous winner, which earned me an entry into the "2009 Battle Royal" at Chillies Diecast Corner.

This is a competition where where the 21 qualifiers have 3 months to build anything they want, ie. it's a no theme wild comp.

The timing of the comp was very bad for me, I was away on holidayz for 4 weeks, and then had to pack up everything as we moved house a couple of weeks after returning from our overseas trip,

and this resulted in me not finding any time to start my build until 1 week before the deadline, so I had to do something that was achivable in that timeframe.

I have always loved how Hot Rodders take old wrecks and transform them into automotive art, and decided that this would be the theme for my entry:

a Hot Rodder having finished his kustom Dairy Delivery bringing home the next old rustbucket to be rescued.

There ended up being 10 entries, and I got equal 5th, I think that's pretty good for what is not much more than a couple of Milds in an Open Wild comp

The build consists of:

A Dairy Delivery wearing True Fire paint, aluminium tape for the lights and grill and wheels from a Maisto Porsche Cayenne

A Dairy Delivery with some simple bumpers and raised wheel axles, paint weathered with chipping, washes and dry brushing and wheels from a Matchbox "Trash King"

A trailer scratchbuilt from the back of a CD case and paperclips