Flat Town

Flat Town,  a collection of pictures created in Photoshop that can be printed and used as a diorama base. 
I am creating these pictures in "S" scale (1:64) to fit neatly on a sheet of A4 paper for ease of printing (and for our American and Canadian friends, it should be a close fit on Letter size too), as this scale will suit my collection of Hotwheels cars. There is no reason they could not be scaled down to OO or HO scale, but scaling up would require larger sheets of paper.
Currently I have a collection of 20 tiles to create a carpark, but I still need to grime them up a bit before posting them.  I am also making some urban objects to compliment the scene, such as k-rail barriers, dumpsters, shipping containers, rubbish bins, all to be printed, cut out, folded and glued to create..... Flat Town

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