Limefire Fangula

This was my "mild" class entry for the March/April competition on the ECHWC board.

The comp was limited to 2 castings - GHOST BUSTERS ECTO-1 and the FANGULA, and as you can see, I chose the Fangula.

It won 1st place in the mild category, against some excelent entries.

This casting may be small, but it had big potential - the classic showrod bodywork just screams out for all sorts of crazy and colourful paintjobs.

I lost count of how many time I tested different wheels on this one, but it was worth it as I'm still happy with my final choice.

Casting: HW Fangula

Paint: Lime candy front and flames and red candy over silver marbeling over a black base for the back, radiator and tunnelram painted silver, polished intake.

Wheels: Maisto

Detailing: removed paint on valvecovers, foiled headlights, painted taillights.