SLK Class Mercedes 1:18 scale.

This kustom was built for a charity auction run by Mercedes Benz Australia,

raising money for my 10 year old grand daughter Jessica to help her fight against cancer.

This Kustom started as an all black 1:18 scale MiniChamps and is the first large scale diecast model I have Kustomized.

It was dis-assembled and all the body and panels stripped to bare metal.

The bonnet was painted silver and had a carbon fiber style decal applied.

The rest of the body was finished using the technique I call "Cut'n Kandy", this involved using abrasives to put a bright raw finish to the metal and then using a rotary tool to grind wavy patterns into the metal.

Several clear coats are then applied and wet sanded to smooth out the rough grinding patterns in the metal prior to the colour coat of House of Color "Cobalt Blue Kandy" , faded from a light blue on the front to a deep rich blue on the back.

Interior and underbody was sprayed in HOK "Black Sparkle" and a final automotive clearcoat applied to all bodyparts before everyhting was re-assembled.