Mercedes Benz 1970 Concept car C-111-II

This kustom was built for a charity auction run by Mercedes Benz Australia,

raising money for my 10 year old grand daughter Jessica who has been fighting cancer for almost a year.

This car started life as a 1973 Hotwheels Mercedes C111, light blue with redline wheels, quite a rare beast with a list value of $700.00 if it was original in its packet.

I found it at a fleamarket, so as you can imagine, this 40 year old toy was far from mint original, but the glass was intact and both gullwing doors still attached so worthy of a "RestoMod".

The car was dis-assembled and all the dirt from the sandbox washed away, then it went in the paint stripper.

The metal was in good condition, so instead of sanding and priming, both body and base was polished, followed by a light coat of adhesion promoter, the body was then sprayed with House of Color Cobalt Blue Kandy.

The iconic 3 pointed star badge had the paint removed and was polished and taillights painted before applying the automotive clearcoat to body and base.

The original axles and wheels were beyond repair, so new axles were made for the redline real riders.

The glass was polished and the car re-assembled.