its a gas

It's a Gas!

March 2010 was "Drag-strip" month for the "Battle of the Kustomizers" comp at Chillies site.

I entered this Pass'n Gasser in the "Mild" category, and I WON..... the down side was that there were only 2 entries in "Mild", the upside was that it got 90% of the votes.

This is the first time I have created my own original decals, trying to capture the '60s-'70s gasser look, such as lace masking and scales, the graphics were done in Photoshop and printed on clear waterslide decal paper.

Casting - HW Pass'n Gasser

Paint - Plain white with decals and foil applied, then clearcoated.

Chassis, interior, engine, tail lights and chute hand painted with foil accents, grille black washed.

Wheels - Maisto Custom Shop/Jada

I am happy with how the decals turned out, so I have added decals to my kuztomizing techniques.