Blue Dragon

Long read coming up....

My automotive interest is pretty much limited to cars of the "Chrome Bumper" era... which came to an end in the mid 70's, which is why this HotWheels "Asphalt Assult" is a most unlikely casting for me to Kustomize, so here is the story behind it....

September 2010 I was on holiday in Malaysia, and added a couple of extra days in KL before going home, so I could meet up with friends from the HWC Malaysia forum at the weekly get-together at the sunday Amcorp market. One of the guys I had a good chat with was fellow customiser Cham2020, and I was surprised and honored to be given a RAOK by him..... an Asphalt Assult with a fade paintjob and what I consider his signiture customising..... lots of detailing.... engine, lights, intercooler, interior etc.

One day, after I was back home, I was in the supermarket looking through the HW pegs and saw an old Asphalt Assult hanging there, and decided I would buy it and use it for a custom for Cham.

Although I don't really like modern cars, especially if they are covered in "brand name" stickers, I have a lot of respect for the custom paint of the highend tuner cars, so that is the route I decided to take with my kustom... killer mural, carbon fibre and bling wheels.

As usual, I decided to do a "Mild" custom... paint, decals, foil and a wheelswap. Colour choice was easy... work with the colour of the glass... so it had to be blue - and from the very start, I decided that I wanted an oriental dragon as the graphic.

The casting was stripped, preped, primed and sprayed silver and the base and wing painted black. Carbon fibre and dragon decals were applied to the body, the dragon faded in with black, and the rest of the body sprayed candy blue, then foil was applied to the lights, the rears painted over with red candy. The top of the rear wing was painted silver and carbon fibre decal applied. The interior is great for detailing.... NOS bottles, amps, speakers, seatbelts, and the visible engine too.... plug wires, intake and exhaust pipes, cam covers etc, all detailed with a brush and toothpick.

Then the plan changed...... by a fortunate co-incidence, I was able to attend the DCS 2010 KustomKon diecast convention, and decided to enter the "Blue Dragon" in the custom contest.

I attacked the base, detailing the intercooler, exhaust, swaybars, driveshafts with paint, and the exhaust tip with chrome foil, and selected a wide set of Maisto wheels with discs for the wheelswap, and put it all back together. Done.

When I got to KustomKon 2010, I entered it in the Amateur Mild class...... and it won 1st place.

I am honoured and happy that my work was so well received and appreciated, but now find that I can't make myself part with the "Blue Dragon"... afterall... it won 1st and took me from the amateur class to Pro, in the company of so many of the customisers I so highly respect.

So... I will now have to build something else for my friend Cham.

Thanks for looking