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This 41 Willys ProStocker was my entry in a contest where the casting had to be a mainline Hotwheels casting.
I did not intend entering the competition, but I was experimenting with a new paint finish, so I decided to try it on a 41 Willys and if it turned out ok, I could enter it in the comp.
Well, I am very pleased with how it turned out, so I entered it, and it did very poorly.... understandable as it was just a paint job and wheel swap up against some pretty wild kustoms and sets ot 2-3 cars, but it did get a couple of votes.
If you look closely at th pictures you will see the patterns in the paint change as the angle of the light changes......wish I could post a video of it to really show the effect.
Lights, grill and wing are just lightly polished, and the blower painted with Spazstix Mirror Chrome wheel swap from a Micro Machine.

The last couple of pics show it with a standard casting.