Mercedes Unimog 1

Mercedes UNIMOG

This kustom was built for a charity auction run by Mercedes Benz Australia,

raising money for my 10 year old grand daughter Jessica who has been fight cancer for almost a year.

It started as a late 60's Matchbox No. 49 Unimog fleamarket find....40+ years in someones toybox had taken it's toll on it

....paint was knackered, tires gone and windscreen cracked, but Unimogs are tough and the potential was still there.

The casting was dis-assembled, paint stripped and the casting flash removed.

Then the bare metal was covered with primer, sanded smooth and airbrushed lime green (to go with the green glass) and gun metal grey.

Chrome trim and lights were then done with metal foil and finished with an automotive catalyzed clearcoat.

The last jobs were to polish the scratches and gouges out of the glass (but the crack remains) and make new axles with Maisto 5 spoke wheels to keep it off the ground.