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'53 Dragillac

This car was my entry for the 2010 Kustom Kompetition at the  Diecast Customizing part of the Hobby Talk forum,
an annual competition where all entries must be based on the same casting.
The forum members put up suggestions for the casting to be used in the comp,
a shortlist of 10 is then voted on by the forum members to decide the casting to be used,
and for 2010, the Custom '53 Cadillac was the casting chosen.

I decided to turn the stock "Funeral Flowercar" into a dragstrip doorslammer.

A '41 Willys supplies the blown engine and the roof/rear wing, I cut open the rear quaters for some big wheels,
and then painted it a black base with candy truefire flames, and finished it off by using foil for the chrome trim.

There were 30 entries in the comp, and in the first round of voting I made it into the top 10 that went on to the 2nd round, where I tied for 4th place.