Corgi MB 600 Pullman

Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman

This kustom was built for a charity auction run by Mercedes Benz Australia,

raising money for my 10 year old grand daughter Jessica who has been fighting cancer for almost a year.

This is a 1:52 scale Corgi model manufactured between 1964 and 1969, and they did a great job of it -

working suspension, openable rear windows and working windscreen wipers which can be turned on and off.

A little video clip showing the suspension and wipers:

I bought this one at a local swapmeet, and considering it is almost half a century old, it was mostly complete, but had definitely seen better days: the tires were cracked, hood emblem gone, 3 big chunks missing out of the plastic bumpers and half the rear axle gear cover was missing, paint and chrome chipped.

The car was disassembled, the dirt washed out of the interior, the glass polished and the solid alloy wheels polished and fitted with new tires.

The chrome was stripped off the plastic and the bumpers repaired, then sprayed black enamel followed by Alclad 2 Chrome.

The body was stripped, casting flash removed and then sprayed primer.

The body was prepped and sprayed a deep, rich metallic purple (a colour that does not photograph well, it looks more like dark blue in these pictures).

The base was sprayed silver, Metal foil was used for the bodytrim and lights.

Body and base was finished with an automotive clearcoat.

Thanks for looking.