What is the U3A?

U3A is short for University of the Third Age. It is not an academic institution, but a self-help organization providing educational and leisure activities for retired and semi-retired people.

I have retired early. Am I too young to join?

Members are usually 50 or over, but there is no age limit, and we would welcome younger members.

Why should I join Nottingham U3A? 

  • City centre location

Nottingham U3A is easy to reach.  The vast majority of our meetings are held in The International Community Centre on Mansfield Road, just north of The Victoria Centre. 

A membership survey carried out in May 2014 showed that our central location was important to almost 90% of respondents.

  • Easy to get to by public transport

Many U3As hold meetings in members’ houses. Nearly all our groups meet in the same location, just a stone’s throw from Victoria Centre bus station. The Mansfield Road/Woodborough Road bus stop is just outside, and there is a link bus between the Victoria Centre and Broadmarsh bus stations. No need to walk or drive around, map in hand, unsure of where you are going!  

Over 80% of members responding to our survey considered accessibility by public transport to be extremely or very important, with the majority travelling to the ICC or Queen's Walk by bus.

  • Facilities

We have exclusive use of two rooms at the International Community Centre, and all groups have ready access to cassette, CD and DVD players and an overhead projector. A wireless connection is available for Internet access. 

  • Frequent meetings

Most groups meet fortnightly, with some taking place weekly – particularly useful if you are trying to learn a new language.

  • Communications

We keep members regularly informed via email bulletins and updates, a printed and online programme and a members’ notice board.

Over 85% of survey respondents felt that our printed programme and email bulletins were a good way of keeping them up to date.

We also have a Facebook page, where up to the minute information is posted for the benefit of members. You don’t need a Facebook account to view this page.

  • Proven track record

Nottingham U3A was set up 35 years ago and is the longest-established branch in the area.

Why is your subscription charge higher than that of some other U3As?

We are a not-for-profit organization and the subscription charge covers the cost of room rental and administration. There is no additional charge to attend meetings held in Room 3 or the office at the International Community Centre or at Queens Walk Community Centre. For the equivalent of just over £1 per week, you can join as many groups as you wish – there are no waiting lists. Most other U3As make a charge each time you attend a group in addition to the subscription charge.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes - you can pay your subscription in two halves, using two cheques, one dated a month later than the other.