Members Portal

Members can access and amend personal information and renew their membership via the Members Portal. You will need your current membership number to log in to the portal. This appears on your membership card underneath your name. Click here to go to the log in screen.

Once you have logged in, you can select from the following options:

Renew your membership
Membership runs from September to August, but you can renew online from July using a credit or debit card, or PayPal account. If you prefer, you can still renew by post or in person.

Nottingham U3A Groups The groups list is visible to members and non-members, but when you are logged into the portal, it will also show which groups you belong to. e.g.

Everyone is shown as a member of the All Members' Meeting.

Click on a group name to see more information. e.g.

Calendar of meetings and events
The calendar is visible to members and non-members, but when you are logged into the portal, you can choose to view information about the groups of which you are a member.

Group meetings and events still appear on the Google calendar, but the Beacon calendar gives more specific details.

Update your personal details
Using this option, you can update your address and phone number, add an emergency contact name and number and even add a head and shoulders photo of yourself if you would like that to appear on your membership card. If we have only your full forename and you prefer to be known by a different name, you can also add this.
Don't forget to click on Update Personal Details at the bottom of the screen after you have made your amendments.

You can return to this website by clicking on Return to Nottingham U3A website from any page of the Members Portal.