Members' testimonials

Living alone, being a member of the U3A has been a lifeline and not only for the many various and interesting 'circles' that are available to attend but, in particular, the social activities.
If I had to choose only one event to attend it would be the coffee morning held (weekly) in the Roebuck on St James's Street. Numbers vary from four to fourteen and the establishment is happy for us to join up the tables so that the group remains together. There are the regulars, the new members who are warmly welcomed and the chat is always very varied (with rarely any reference to aches and pains!) Following this, some members will get together to share lunch before moving off to shop or attend an afternoon circle session.
For me, the coffee mornings are something to really look forward to, to begin each week, and the benefits of seeing others, feeling the buzz, produces a 'shot' that lifts the spirit.

Long may it continue!


I found out about the U3A by chance from a colleague, shortly before I finished work. 

I looked it up on the Internet, and discovered that Nottingham U3A had a recorder group. I knew I would enjoy playing with others, so I joined as soon as I retired. 

At the first meeting, I was immediately made welcome, particularly by Mavis, who sat next to me. 

More recently I joined the Nottingham U3A Red Hats Band and this has given me the confidence to perform in public. We regularly play at the Nottinghamshire Hospice and Hayward House, and it is really heart-warming to hear people singing along to our playing.

I am also a member of the Play Reading Group, and four of the language groups, and I am amazed by the commitment of the group leaders, and the amount of preparation they undertake, for which they receive no payment.

Since I joined Nottingham U3A in 2009, I have got to know so many people I wouldn’t have otherwise have met, and we have helped and supported each other through the bad times as well as the good. 

Nottingham U3A is very conveniently situated for me as my bus stops near the ICC, and I can do my shopping in the Victoria Centre on my way home from a meeting. Now I have my bus pass, it costs me nothing to attend as many groups as I want, once I have paid my annual subscription.  This gives me a real incentive to get out of the house, even in winter. If I had to pay each time I attended a group, I think I would spend a lot more time at home on my own.