Shirt for M4

 Free Jacket or Shirt for M4 - lowpoly, to be textured by you

This zip file should be unzipped in your daz content directory

Download here

Zip file size = 1.1 megabytes

this is an untextured - low-poly shirt for M4 base

there's no extra morphs, so extreme poses may pose problems

you need daz studio 2.0 and up to convert the shirt to SubD

( select the shirt, go in Daz's top menus : edit/convert to subd )

the zip file contains a plaid texture and the shirt template


i know the shirt looks like cardboard, but i'm sure someone in the world will have a use for it Smile

Here's the content of the readme (also included in the zip )

very cheap but very free shirt for M4 base

This zip file should be unzipped in your daz content directory

typically, the directory is

C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content

the zip files contain the following

Runtime\libraries\Character\mcasual\m4shirt.cr2 the shirt figure
Runtime\libraries\Character\mcasual\m4shirt.png the icon

runtime\textures\mcasual\m4shirt.jpg a texture suitable for the front of the shirt

Runtime\Geometries\mcasual\m4shirt.obj the geometry file for the shirt

Runtime\template_m4shirt.jpg a template for texture mapping the shirt

Runtime\m4shirt.readme.txt this file

once unzipped you can find the m4shirt figure in your content folder in Figures/mcasual


the shirt has 5 surfaces which makes it possible, using the opacity channel,
to make parts of it invisible

so you can create shoer-sleeved and sleeve-less shirts


this low-poly version of the shirt is meant to be converted to subD by DazStudio
this is a feature introduced with version 2 of daz studio i believe


extra keywords: Michael Shirt Jacket Sweater Cloth Clothing

the uv layout and template makes use of image-maps easy and without distorsion

mCasual Jacques,
Oct 13, 2009, 12:44 AM