mcjShake DS 1,2,3,4

mcjShake will randomly increase or decrease the value of the
selected property of the selected node,
for each frame of the selected playrange.


unzip  in your daz content folder

typically this means

C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content\

once installed the script will appear in your library in


using daz studio's timeline tab, set the playrange

to the range of frames you want affected

select a node

example, a camera

launch the script

select one of the properties in the list

example: select YTranslate

type in the amplitude of the shaking
for translations the units are centimeters, for the rotations, degrees

ex: 1

press the "Do It" button

note that the shake effect does not replace the existing animation,
it is instead added to it

mCasual Jacques,
Jul 9, 2011, 7:22 AM