mcjSevenArcs DS 1,2,3,4

mcjSevenArcs is a prop with 7 morphs that looks like an electrical arc

each morph corresponds to a different shape and thickness of the arc

The prop should be usable with Poser and all versions of Daz Studio

the accompanying script will animate the morphs to make it look like ... well, this


the installation package is fopund at the bottom of this page in the attachments section

unzip it in your Daz Studio Contents folder

usually that's c:\program files\daz\studio\content

the prop is now found in Content/Props/mcasual under the name mcjSevenArcs.pp2

The script comes in two versions, one for Daz Studio 1 & 2, one for Daz Studio 3 & 4



Load the prop, for now you see nothing on screen the prop is all bunched up into 1 pixel

place your timeline cursor where you want the animation to begin

select the prop using Daz Studio's scene tab

launch the animation script

this will create a 100 frames animation, starting at the current frame


using the technique and scripts found here

you can add glow effects to your arcs!

some care was taken to make it possible to apply an image map to the prop


the arc will have a stable starting and ending point only if the sum of all morph settings is 100%

example: morph0=100%, all other morphs at 0%

example: morph1=25%, morph5=75%, all other morphs at 0%

The diameter of the tubes increase with the morph numbering

mCasual Jacques,
Jul 2, 2011, 5:53 AM