HBlocks figure for D|S

Here's a figure for Daz Studio ( did not test it in poser )
Note: this is the second version with much better texturing UV layout
it now contains the texturing template ( HBlocksTemplate1.png and HBlocksTemplate1.gif )

it's 17 blocks, each block is controlled by a bone

so you can fold and stretch and twist it in a multitude of ways

Here you see if after performing a "Edit/Convert to SubD" operation in Daz Studio

i give it in ZIP format

the Zip contains 3 files :
the figure (.cr2)
the icon (.png)
and the geometry (.obj)

this is a "zipped runtime folder" meant to be unzipped into your contents folder

typically your content folder is c:\program files\daz\studio\content

make sure your unzipper program is set so it re-create subdirectories

once installed the figure will appear in DazStudio in Content/Figures/HBlock

See the "Attachments" section below to download

example of use (click to view the animation)

here is the template
this is included in the zip file as
HBlocksTemplate1.png and HBlocksTemplate1.gif

and here is the template applied

mCasual Jacques,
Sep 26, 2009, 2:36 PM