mcjMakeTarget DS 1,2,3,4

This script is intended as a helper script for mcjAutoLimb

This script will create a null node at the location of the currently selected node(s)

The node(s) will be named with the suffix '_target'.


unzip the .zip package found at the bottom of this document in a Daz script folder

ideally in the content/scripts/mcasual folder

Tutorial. stabilizing feet using mcjMakeTarget, mcjAutoLimb and mcjKeepOrient

We load a figure

we apply a dance animation which was created for Aiko3 :

click to view animation

and we see that  the transfer of the animation to the TheGirl figure did not go well

Lets fix this

We set the TimeLine to frame zero

In the scene tab, select all the leg bones

in the Parameters tab, do a Clear Animation / Clear Transforms

Still at Frame 0, move the feet to the location we want them to stay put

Select both feet

run the mcjMakeTarget script, click on Make Target Node. click on exit

this created 2 target nodes, one named rFoot_target and one named rFoot_target

Using Autolimb

Get mcjAutoLimb here

Step A - In the Scene Tab, In this order, select the rFoot_target node,

then while pressing your CTRL key, select TheGirl's rFoot node

launch mcjAutoLimb, click on the "Do it button", click on thee exit button

step B

In the Scene Tab, In this order, select the lFoot_target node,

then while pressing your CTRL key, select TheGirl's lFoot node

launch mcjAutoLimb, click on the "Do it button", click on thee exit button

If The Girl was facing in another direction,

the poses obtained would possibly not not make sense

you would have to try other values for "limb spin angle" until you get something  acceptable

The dance now looks like this:

click to view animation

Why are the legs snapping?

mcjAutoLimb attempted to unbend the legs as much as possible to

make the feet reach their targets, but the targets are too far

Return to Frame 0, move the feet targets up, 1 or 2 centimeters ( half an inch to an inch )

repeat stepA and stepB

Better now, the feet ( the ankles ) stay put

click to view animation

Using mcjKeepOrient


Get mcjKeepOrient here

The ankles don't move but the feet and toes do

lets fix this

Still at frame 0, select the right foot

Run mcjKeepOrient

repeat for the left foot

we now have this

click to view animation

the arms

return to frame 0

To avoid unwanted jitters, lock the abdomen and chest nodes ( select, then Shift-L )

Place the hands where you want them to stay

Use mcjMakeTarget to create targets

Now this case is special,

TG does not want her hands to stay at a fixed location in space

she wants them to stay on her hips

In the scene tab, make sure the "parent items in place" option is check-marked

In the Scene tab, drag the lHand_target and the rHand_target nodes,

and drop them on TheGirl's hip node

you can also do this, in the 3dView , by right-clicking on the lHandTarget node

and chosing "Change parent ..." in the popup menu, then selecting TheGirl's hip node as the parent

select the lHand target, then the lHand, run mcjAutoLimb

here, in mcjAutoLimb,  you may want to experiment with small values of "limb spin angle"

repeat this for the right hand

you may have to use the inverse of the "limb spin angle" you used for the left hand, ( example, -30° instead of 30° )

in this case, mcjKeep orient may not be useful and you

may have to do the hand animation yourself

in this case i selected all the hand bones, went in the parameters tab

and did a "memorize / transforms" and "clear animation" / transforms

after a long and tedious work we get this

click to view animation

mCasual Jacques,
Feb 23, 2012, 2:29 PM