mcjLagEffect for DS 1,2,3,4

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This script will copy the movements of a 'leader node' and apply them to a 'follower node'
but ... and this is important, with a delay.

in the example shown above, the leader node is Aiko's hip node

the skirt is an object parented to Aiko's hip node ( free!, created by me, see conedress1536ruffled.obj in the attachments )

the follower node is a D-Form influencing the skirt

as you can see below,  the D-Form is positioned at the bottom of the skirt
so the influence is maximum at the bottom and nil at the waist line

After using mcjLagEffect, when the hips twist, the D-Form (and the skirt) also twists,  but ... a few frames later.


download the zip file in the attachments at the bottom of this page

unzip it in Daz Studio's content folder
typically C:\Program Files\DAZ\Studio\content

the script and the corresponding icon will be placed
in the scripts/mcasual folder

so you can find it in the Daz Studio content tab
in the Studio / Scripts / mcasual folder

there's also a zip file containing the manual
which is simply a copy of the page you are reading



we have a stretched cube which is the parent of a 'Null'  which is the parent of a cone
the null is below the cube and at the tip of the cone.

Select the 'follower' node

in our example, the Null node

by default, the leader node is the immediate parent of the follower node, in our example, that's the stretched cube.

if you want a different leader node, press and hold you keyboard's CTRL key while selecting the desired leader node.

launch mcjLagEffect

Here is mcjLagEffect's user interface

1 - select the range of frames to be processed and the keyframe step

If you want to reduce the number of keyframes created you can set the "step" value to, for example, 5.
The  movement reproduction will be less faithful, but the load on the daz scene will be lighter.

2 - select what part of the movement will be replicated
in the case of the skirt, we only replicated the "orientation", meaning the twists and sways and tilts

3- enter the desired delay/lag
by default the follower will lag the leader's movements by 5 frames,
at 30 frames per second, this means 1/6 second

4 - click the [ Do it ] button
processing should take less than a second

here's the Orientation-only lag effect

Here is the position-only lag effect

Here is the position-and-orientation lag effect

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