This is an early version - the better version will be named AirCam - ( once i solve quaternion issues )


1 - select a camera node (or a light, a car a plane node) ,

2 - set it as the viewpoint, if you want to be in the pilot seat

3- go in the Parameters tab and make sure the X Rotate and Z Rotate angles are near zero ( not -180° ) - Else you may have your camera turn left when you turn right

4 - use your mouse and the on-screen buttons to pilot the camera

or better yet:

turn on NumLock on your keyboard's numeric keypad and use the ALT key and the numeric keys to pilot the camera

5 - if you click on the RecordStart button, the timeline will jump 1 second ahead each 1 second, thereby recording your camera's movements

6 - The RecordStart button is now labeled RecordStop, click on RecordStop to stop the recording process

Future improvements
FlyCam remotely changes the X, Y, Z rotations and X Y Z translations found in the Parameters tab - AirCam the better version, will react more closely to the way a chopper or a plane react
The download link is at the bottom of the page you are reading

video demonstration:



below you will find a version of the script for daz studio 3 and  named mcjFlyCam

consider it a beta version too since .... i forgot why ... but i had set it aside instead of posting it here ... a while ago

you must first click in the blank field at the top of the panel to get keyboard-control of the movements

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Jan 22, 2011, 8:44 AM
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