mcjElevate RevA DS1,2,3,4


mcjElevate lets you modify the shape of objects including clothing items, based on a gray scale image

Watch mcjElevate in action here

YouTube Video

The terrain in the image below started as a simple 100x100 primitive plane, and it took less than a minute to turn it into a terrain


mcjElevate RevA was released around Jan 31, 2010

as of Dec 16 2012 it now includes a version for Daz Studio 4.5

note : the first version of mcjElevate can be found HERE

Mar 9, 2019, 11:37 PM - Updated Upgraded and SAFER 
by safer we mean, if you create o morph on a subdivided surface, before this update, 
this made your scene save'able but not loadable ever again ! 
( unless maybe you can delete the data/element from the data/ folder )


The zip package is found at the bottom of this page

unzip it in your daz content folder, 

typically :

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library

once installed, it will appear in your content library, under 

The Daz Script will be found in  My Library / Scripts / mcasual 

Starting with Windows 7 if you right click on the downloaded zip file

and select the [Extract All ....] pop-up menu item
you simply browse up to your Daz Studio Content Folder
and the files will fall in the proper folder 


1 - Select an object in a daz studio scene

example: a 4 meters by 4 meters primitive-Plane, 32x32 divisions

2 -  launch the mcjElevateRevA script

3 - click on the "Load Elevation Image' button

and select an Elevation image also known as bump map or displacement map

here is an example of an Elevation map

where you see white dots, the plane will be pushed upward
where you see black dots, the plane will not move

the height for black and white dots is given by the "Level" settings
shown below.

values are in centimeters, so, white pixels push the plane 10 cm up

3b - Deselect unwanted materials

Only checkmarked materials will be affected by the morph.
This is a new feature of Rev. A !

4 - Click on the "Create Elevation Image" button

there can be a rather long waiting time while the script performs thousands of computations

In our example, a 32x32 division planes means there's 1024 vertices to process.

in one test, processing a 64x64 divisions plane ( 4096 vertices ) took 3 minutes

When computations are  complete, you'll be able to close the script using the "exit button"

5 - Go in daz studio's parameters tab

there's a new morph channel named Elevate !

turn it up to 100%

and there you have it, the Elevation map was transformed into a morph

Note: You can specify a name other than Elevate for the Morph name
it's probably better to avoid using names already in use
You can also specify a channel name other than PBMCC_01.
but this feature is intended for "experts".

Creating pz2 files (for experts)

This is another new feature of Rev.A
it will create a simple injection file for the
selected node name and the morph channel you specified

i am not extremely familiar with pz2 files, so ...
you will possibly want to tweak this INJ file by hand later

here is another example of what can be achieved with mcjElevateRevA


Let's try to add wrinkles to a piece of clothes

we take a skirt by Zardok a.k.a Jean-Jacques Roh


we select the skirt and we tell Daz Studio to show us the UV maps

we set the mode to "View by Node"
and we get this, which we copy using "print Screen" on a PC
then "Paste" in a paint program

here is our elevation map

here is the elevation map on the Diffuse Color channel of the skirt's surface

i select the Skirt's hip

and run mcjElevateRevA

select the Elevation map,

process ...

and here's the result after conversion to subD

to get better looking results, the wrinkles xhould follow more closely the geometry's polygon edges

applying this map

adds a rippled fringe

and applying this to a sphere and to a cylinder

gets us this

mCasual Jacques,
Mar 9, 2019, 8:48 PM