IMPORTANT NOTE: if you downloaded the zip file before july 23rd 2009,
the version of the flexithings contained errors preventing it to work.      
So you may want to download and install the new version herein.         

click on this image to view the animation

The flexithings are the 4 daz-studio figures shown below .

Each figure contains 8 bones which lets you pose the it and create all sort of useful 3d objects

the ZIP file attached to this web page should be unZipped into your daz studio content folder,
usually something like c:\program files\daz\studio\content

The structure of the zip file is : Runtime\libraries\Character\flexithings

this folder will contain     the 4 corresponding thumbnail images (.png)
    the 4 geometry files (.obj)

once you unzip it in your daz studio content folder it willl be accessible in Daz Studio's content/figures/flexithings

The flexithings will look smoother if you convert them to "sub-D"
this is found in daz studio's "Edit" / "Convert to subD"

Warning, you will probably have to resize to flexithing to, 5%, i unfortunately built them too large.

mCasual Jacques,
Jul 23, 2009, 6:16 AM