Ceramic Tiles and Blocks

    The download section is at the bottom of this page.
The zip file contains the following  wavefront .obj files.

 mcjBrickHalf.obj      a half brick ( cube )  
    a brick           
    a panel with 8 by 8 bricks    
    half a tile  
    a tile         

and the Low-Polygon-Count versions:

In Daz studio, use File / Import / Wavefront Object ( .obz, .obj )

I suggest using an import scaling factor of 30000% which gives you 15cm X 30cm  tiles

the tiles look great when converted to subD, remember to set "Edge Interpolation" to "Edges and corners" in the parameters tab

The surface material for Low-Poly tiles should probably have the "smooth" option turned off

to get shiny mirror surfaces i used Marianne Gilliand's Supershine shaders

mCasual Jacques,
Feb 5, 2011, 3:47 PM