The purpose of this site is to provide resources for like minded Christians in their ongoing work of evangelism and discipleship, and to facilitate the bible teaching ministry in my local church. I hope to provide sermon scripts and bible study material that may be of use to others. In due course, I hope to add some narrated dramas I have written.

Regarding the sermon scripts, feel free to use whatever you find helpful in explaining the passage. It is not necessary to attribute anything in them to me. You might choose to use these sermon scripts as a check on your own exegesis, or as a bit of a leg up in a difficult time. Many people, especially those in full time secular employment, don't have the time or training to regularly write their own sermons, and so if it falls to them to preach more than irregularly, some of these resources might be helpful. You might like to see my take on a passage after you have done your own exegesis. However, writing our own sermons is better for our own spiritual health and the health of the people to whom we preach.

Regarding the Bible study materials, you have permission to freely use these materials in your church ministry and so long as you don't publish them for profit. It is not necessary to attribute my authorship of Bible studies for use in your local church, so long as you are not passing them off as wholly your own work.

Regarding any articles, if you want to use an article or essay, please attribute it properly. Certainly, don't take an article I've written and submit it as a Moore College Essay. That is not really what I am trying to facilitate! You may like to know my opinion on some controversial issues.

I too am learning as I go, and if there is something where you believe I am mistaken, feel free to improve on what you can for the sake of your people.

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