Reliable resources I use frequently

  • Electronic resources for studying the gospel (PDF). My guide to gospel study apps for your smartphone, tablet, and computer.
  • True to the Faith. An alphabetical guide to doctrines and principles of the gospel, published by the Church.
  • Gospel Topics Essays. Articles prepared by Church scholars on complex and difficult historical and doctrinal issues.
  • Revelations in Context. Prepared by Church historians, these essays provide background and context to the revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants.
  • The Joseph Smith Papers. This comprehensive collection of documents written by or for the Prophet Joseph Smith has replaced older historical sources, including the popular (but no longer accurate) Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the seven-volume History of the Church.
  • Doctrine and Covenants sources. This page, part of the the Joseph Smith Papers, links to manuscript and early published sources for the revelations in the D&C.
  • The Journal of Discourses. A 26-volume collection of sermons given by leaders of the Church during the early Utah period (1851–1886). (A transcribed version of the JoD text is available at the FairMormon website.)
  • The Improvement Era. As “the Voice of the Church” the Era was the Church’s official magazine from 1897 until 1970, after which it was superseded by the Ensign. Many important doctrinal and historical items were published in its pages.
  • Webster’s 1828 English Dictionary. Noah Webster’s dictionary is invaluable for helping us understand the meaning of words used in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith’s revelations.
  • Gospel Topics, Essays, and Other Resources. Sources recommended by the Church’s Seminaries & Institutes Department to enhance gospel learning and help provide answers to doctrinal, historical, and social questions.