Book of Mormon

Week 18: The Lamanite mission of the sons of Mosiah₂

Alma 17–29

3 March 2016


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Additional reading and links

Cutting off the arms of one’s enemies (as seen in Alma 17:37–39) is an ancient practice around the world; see:

The horses are mentioned eight times in the Book of Mormon (including in Alma 18:9–12). Archaeological evidence for the presence of the horse in the pre-Columbian Americas is scant and inconclusive. The following articles explore the possibilities that horses survived to Book of Mormon times or that the Lehites called a similar animal by a familiar name:


  • At end of Alma chapter 22, Mormon₂ left a detailed explanation of the geographical layout of the lands where the Nephites and Lamanites lived (see Alma 22:27–34). Why did he do this? And how can understanding the internal geography of the Book of Mormon help us understand the text better? Book of Mormon Central examines this topic in KnoWhy #130.