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Week 7: The Book of Abraham

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28 October 2021


Quotes from Church Leaders

“The Latter-day Saints maintain that while there was some difference between the methods of translation used by the prophet in the translation of the Book of Abraham and the Book of Mormon; that while he applied his own mind as far as he could, in all his work, (and his mind expanded in intelligence as he grew in age and experience,) yet in all his work he was divinely inspired—in his translations, his revelations, and his wonderful personal direction in the establishment of the work of God known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,the marvelous work and a wonder’ predicted by the ancient prophets that should be founded upon the earth in the latter days.…

“Not only do we testify that Joseph Smith was inspired when he gave to the world the Pearl of Great Price, but we declare that it was by the inspiration and power of God that he translated the Book of Mormon, organized the Church of Christ, and gave mankind the precious revelations contained in the Doctrine and Covenants; and it is our firm belief that scientific investigation and discovery will confirm our testimony, rather than weaken or repudiate it.”

—President Joseph F. Smith, “Joseph Smith, Jr., as a Translator,” Improvement Era 16, no. 4 (February 1913): 379–80.

Additional reading


Take a behind-the-scenes look at the Joseph Smith papyri, the Book of Abraham manuscripts, and the original Times and Seasons newspaper that first published the Book of Abraham. Historian Robin Scott Jensen gives a hands-on tour of these rarely-seen artifacts.

Produced by FAIR, A Most Remarkable Book: Evidence for the Divine Authenticity of the Book of Abraham addresses some of the criticisms of the Book of Abraham and puts forth evidence for its divine authenticity.