Book of Mormon

Week 5: The journey to Bountiful and the promised land

1 Nephi 16–22

8 October 2015


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Portions of this lesson include segments from “Journey of Faith,” the 2005 documentary by the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies at Brigham Young University. This documentary provides insights from modern LDS scholars on the route of Lehi₁’s journey through Arabia, including likely locations for Nahom, where Ishmael₁ died, and Bountiful₁, where Nephi₁ built the ship that took his family to the promised land. (Click here to read the companion book to the video.)

In this follow-up to “Journey of Faith,” LDS scholars delve into Mormon₂’s description of the Nephites’ land of promise, and the religious history, culture, and traditions of its people.

How difficult would it be to make a functional bow and arrow using only primitive tools and materials on hand, as described in 1 Nephi 16:23? This Australian blogger did it with only a stone hatchet, a stone chisel, and stone blades and fire sticks. How much better would Nephi₁’s bow and arrow have been, considering that he almost certainly had more advanced tools?