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Week 29: The Revelation of John

Notes and other materials will be posted after the class has been held.

  • Lesson 29 notes (PDF)

  • Lesson 29 handout (PDF)

  • Lesson 29 slideshow (PPSX) |  printable version (PDF)
Additional reading and links from this lesson:
  • Joseph Smith’s 8 April 1843 discourse on the symbolism in Revelation, including the various beasts: Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith 289–94.

  • Early Christian writer Irenaeus, writing around A.D. 180, dates Revelation to the reign of the Roman Emperor Domitian (A.D. 81–96), and notes that some manuscripts of Revelation read “616” instead of “666” at the end of chapter 13: Against Heresies 5:30.