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Week 28: 1 Peter, 2 Peter, Jude

Additional reading and links from this lesson:
  • 1 Peter 3:18–20 describes Christ’s descent into hades, the abode of the spirits of the dead. Christians throughout the centuries have acknowledged this truth. For more on this teaching, see David L. Paulsen, Roger D. Cook, and Kendel J. Christensen, “The Harrowing of Hell: Salvation for the Dead in Early Christianity,” Journal of the Book of Mormon and Other Restoration Scripture 19/1 (2010): 56–77.

  • 2 Peter 2:1–3:3 and the Epistle of Jude share a common textual basis. The general belief is that 2 Peter copied this material from Jude. For more on this, see Terrance Callan, “Use of the Letter of Jude by the Second Letter of Peter,” Biblica 85 (2004): 42–64.
Mike Parker,
May 18, 2015, 9:01 PM