New Testament

Week 30: Post-New Testament Christianity and the Great Apostasy

30 May 2019


Notes and lesson materials will be posted after the class has been held.

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Lesson 30 notes

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Lesson 30 handout: Chronology from Christ to Constantine

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Lesson 30 slideshow (on‑screen version)

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Lesson 30 slideshow (printable version)

Additional Reading and Links

  • Walter Bauer, “Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity.” Dr. Bauer’s 1934 book revolutionized the study of early Christianity. Everything written on it since then has been a reaction to his thesis, which was that what came to be known as “orthodoxy” was just one of numerous forms of Christianity in the early centuries.
  • Stephen E. Robinson, “Nephi’s ‘Great and Abominable Church’,” Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 7, no. 1 (1998): 32–39. Robinson, a religion professor at BYU, evaluates the Book of Mormon’s statements on the “great and abominable church” and identifies what organization Nephi₁ was referring to.