Old Testament

Week 1: Introduction and the divine council

7 September 2017


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Additional reading and links

  • Stan Larson, “The King Follett Discourse: A Newly Amalgamated Text,” BYU Studies 18, no. 2 (Winter 1978): 193–208. Larson’s edition of Joseph Smith’s sermon is the best version to date.
  • Becoming Like God,” Gospel Topics Essays. This article on the Church’s website explores the doctrine of apotheosis (human deification).
  • Daniel C. Peterson, “‘Ye Are Gods’: Psalm 82 and John 10 as Witnesses to the Divine Nature of Humankind,” in The Disciple as Scholar: Essays on Scripture and the Ancient World in Honor of Richard Lloyd Anderson, eds. Stephen D. Ricks, Donald W. Parry, and Andrew H. Hedges (Provo, Utah: FARMS, 2000), 471–594.
  • Stephen O. Smoot, “The Divine Council,” LDS Perspectives Podcast 42, 28 June 2017. In this interview with Laura Harris Hales, LDS scholar Stephen Smoot discusses the role of the Divine Council in the religions of the ancient Near East and what references to the council in LDS scripture could mean for Latter-day Saints.