hurricane UTAH adult religion

Welcome to the web site for the Hurricane, Utah, weekday evening adult religion class!

Our upcoming course is the Book of Mormon. Classes begin 7 September 2023.

This site includes class notes, handouts, and PowerPoint slideshow presentations for prior years’ courses. If you have any questions about these materials, please get in touch with the instructor via the contact page.


The prophet Isaiah


Mary Magdalene sees the resurrected Jesus Christ

Book of

King Benjamin teaches his people from a tower

Doctrine &

Joseph Smith dictating D&C 21 to Oliver Cowdery

“No one knows anything about his homeland simply because he was born a citizen thereof. He must learn. No one knows anything about Christ’s work simply by being born a member of the Church, and often he knows little about it after years of unmotivated exposure in meetings or classes. He must learn. And learning involves self-investment and effort. The gospel should be studied as carefully as any science. The literature of the Church must be acquired and read. Our learning should be increased in our spare time day by day. Then as we put the gospel truth to work in daily life, we will never find it wanting. We will be literate in the most important field of knowledge in the universe, knowledge for lack of which men and nations perish, in the light of which men and nations may be saved.”

— Elder Marion D. Hanks, The Improvement Era, September 1969, p. 42