Wisdom appears to be a long lost art in the world today, but it is needed more than ever. Below is a collection of the wisdom I have gathered in my years. It is by no means conclusive and may need refining as I gain all the more wisdom.

  1. The easiest way to change a bad situation into a good one is to change your mind about it.
  2. Sometimes the best way to help is not to.
  3. Looking forward to things in the future is a good way to pursue life today.
  4. Lack of knowledge is no knowledge of lack.
  5. We are made from that which we consume both in mind and in body.
  6. Do not mistake failure to do for failure to be.
  7. If you think you are special, it may only apply to your needs.
  8. A body that controls the mind is wasting the mind.
  9. It is most often right to let others be wrong.
  10. Do not carry the weight of the world when your own head is too heavy.
  11. Cares and concerns for an unchangeable unknown will only change composure to turmoil.
  12. Perception is like a persistent trickle of water etching new evidence into the rock of reality
  13. If it's not worth being told directly, it's not worth assuming indirectly.
  14. There is peace in not caring if everyone else is doing as you think they ought.
  15. Hate only hatred itself, not the haters employing it--combat it with understanding and compassion.
  16. Name-calling and labels are what people turn to when they are too impatient or uneducated to articulate their thoughts more clearly and fairly.
  17. Focus more on what to do and less on what not to do.
  18. Making a big deal out of an offense will often make a bigger deal out of one’s own foolishness.
  19. It is foolish to seek praise by announcing one's good deeds, but it is wise to share such deeds to promote what one values.
  20. Fail with pride as it means you've tried.
  21. Fear-induced morality will cause the brain to correlate morality with fear and undermine one's desire to actually be moral.
  22. Every day we vote for something so at least make it a conscious vote. Election Day Is Too Late To Vote.
  23. Insults make for a closed opposition, a fiercer opposition, and a greatly divided culture bent on devolving the world into chimps flinging poo with no greater resolve for improvement. Wise The Fudge Up
  24. Unsolicited advice is a double-edged dagger with no hilt--be careful how you yield it lest you cut both yourself and the one whom you wish to help.
  25. Question all that you know, and seek to disprove yourself--especially of those things you hold most dear.
  26. A belief formed without examining its faults is not one's own belief but the culture's
  27. It is better to know one believes than to believe one knows for the latter causes blind arrogance.
  28. Expectation is the mother of disappointment but it's also the breeder of joy. Don't kill the mother--discipline the child.
  29. Refraining from acts of anger makes one patient, yet knowing when to act upon anger makes one wise.
  30. Confidence does not make a person right, but it often makes one more convincing.
  31. Winning an argument is like winning a race down a garbage chute.
  32. Knowing what defines a noble character is not enough for growth; one must also recognize its benefits.
  33. Patience is all the more necessary when seeking one's own personal growth.
  34. A restless pursuit, even for wisdom, will leave one tired.
  35. It appears that something precious must also be rare lest it be merely common; it's no wonder then that few good people exist as it is fitting for what is good to be precious.
  36. A calm sea never produced a good sailor.
  37. A leader does not become great merely by his intellect or cunning but also by his cultivating a desire to follow. He is the greater fool who believes others foolish not to follow his leadership.
  38. The wise man sows patience toward others and reaps a bountiful harvest of peace. The fool sows anger and reaps trouble upon trouble; enraged, he doubles his seed yet expects a different crop.
  39. Happiness comes not from doing what you enjoy nor obtaining what you desire but rather by enjoying what you do and being grateful for what you have.
  40. If you wish to be heard, speak softly.
  41. The mind is a sponge—engaged in negative thoughts and images it shall be negative, but absorbing all that is good and pure, it shall be positive. Seek, then, what noble things might uplift you and flee that which might fuel depravity.
  42. Like a tree of stunted growth, the immature man finds himself surrounded by dung.
  43. To improve upon one with whom you live, you most often need only improve yourself.
  44. Wisdom comes not with age alone but by deliberate digging and meticulous excavation throughout one's life.
  45. Proving you’re right often proves you’re foolish.
  46. Rash words never produce a convert.
  47. Our thoughts direct our paths more than our feet.
  48. Devote yourself to knowing others and before you know it the world will know you.
  49. Seek after wisdom and what you’ll find is your life.
  50. Don’t waste time reliving the past lest you find your future reliving the present.
  51. That which consumes our mind is that which defines us, for we are naught but the thoughts that compose us.
  52. Love is concern for others that transcends written laws by diligently seeking what is best in all situations without blind adherence to rules.
  53. Wisdom is 1 part knowledge and 3 parts implementation--shaken, not stirred.
  54. Emphatic questions ought not be mistaken as answers (but how else are we supposed to get our point across?!?!)