Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess

Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess
Cover art from first edition, 1989

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Introduction - Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess

Part I. Individual Living

I. Isis of Egypt. Dedication of a Shrine.

II. Ama-Terasu of Japan. Dawn.

III. Sarasvati of India. Evening.

IV. Dana of Eire. Good Health.

V. Grainne of Eire. Solar Vitality.

VI. Hathor of Egypt. Blessing the Earth.

VII. Rhea of Greece. Star Attunement.

Part II. Life's Initiations

I. Alma Mater of Rome. The Homing of Children: Baptism and Naming.

II. Vesta of Rome. Flamma Vestae. Initiation into an Iseum.

III. Dana of Eire. Porta Mystica. The Soul Enters New Spheres.

IV. Isis of Egypt. Dulce Domum. Transition into the next Sphere.

Part III. Cycles of Our Years

I. Derceto of Syria. The Hydrophoria. Waters of Inspiration.

II. Pallas Athena of Greece. The Athenaea. Wisdom from Experience.

III. Mahadevi of India. Wesak. Spiritual Illumination.

IV. Astarte of Syria. The Cone of Astarte. The Reception of Divine Power.

V. Muth of Egypt. Opet. The Sacred Marriage.

VI. The Kore of Greece. The Eleusinian Mysteries. Vision of the Shining One.

VII. Brighid of Eire. Samhain. Communion of Spirits. Initiation.

VIII. Frigga of the Norse-lands. We Enjoy the Fruit of the Tree of Life.

Part IV. The Solar System and Ourselves

I. Hertha of the Norse-lands. The Earth. Joys of the Earth.

II. Artemis of Greece. The Moon. Regaining Our Psychic Gifts.

III. Kundalini of India. The Sun. We Awaken the Inner Serpent Power.

IV. The Morrigan of Ireland. Mars. We Control the Passions.

V. Venus of Rome. Venus. We Learn How to Love.

VI. Sophia of Byzantium. Mercury. We Develop Intuition.

VII. Hathor of Egypt. Jupiter. We Love All That Is.

VIII. Ashtoreth of Phoenicia. Saturn. Hard Work Brings Self-Earned Rewards.

IX. Sarasvati of India. Uranus. We Discover the Law of Cycles.

X Ngame of Africa. Neptune. We Penetrate the Spheres.

Part V. Radiations of the Zodiac

I. Cerridwen of Wales. Pisces. We Learn How to Receive.

II. Durga of India. Aries. We Gain Power to Give.

III. Isis of Egypt. Taurus. We Feel Kinship with All Beings.

IV. Artemis of Greece. Gemini. We Learn to Use our Minds Wisely.

V. Tiamat of Babylon. Cancer. We Explore the Depths.

VI. Sekhmet of Egypt. Leo. We Discover our own Strength and Control It.

VII. Dana of Eire. Virgo. We Find the Harmony that Unites Love and Truth.

VIII. Kwan Yin of China. Libra. We are at the Hub of the Wheel of Life.

IX. Kundalini of India. Scorpio. We use Vital Energies.

X. Brynhild of Iceland. Sagittarius. We Find our Divine Mission.

XI. Terra of Rome. Capricorn. We Look within Ourselves.

XII. Juno of Rome. Aquarius. We Learn Spiritual Flight.

Part VI. We Face the Mysteries

I. Inanna of Babylon. Space. We Extend our Consciousness.

II. Neith of Egypt. Time. We Become Time Travellers.

III. Venus of Rome. Eros and Psyche. We Unite with our Twin Soul.

IV. Ariadne of Crete. The Labyrinth. We Face our many Lives with Courage.

V. Demeter and Persephone of Greece. Growth of the Soul. We go Lower
                                                             and so,
 We can Rise Higher.

VI. Nuit of Egypt. The Cosmic Spiral. We Learn the Law of Octaves.

VIII. Isis of Egypt and Hellas. We Awaken with Osiris.


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