Dea Rite 8. Mystery of the Awakening of Osiris

Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess

Fellowship of Isis Liturgy by Olivia Robertson

Mystery of the Awakening of Osiris

Ritual no. 8



Isis of Ten Thousand Names, Who protecteth the soul with Thy feathery wings of the Kite; Whose blood, enchantments and power strengthen the soul, inspire us with Thy breath of the West Wind. Winged Goddess Who concealeth Thy brow with Thy long hair, spread Thy hair of enchantment and shake it over the brow of Thy Devotees. Breathe into us Thy Breath of life and health and strength.

Oracle of the Goddess Isis
through her priestess

It is through Inspiration that you live. Without Inspiration you are as dead, devoid of the Holy Breath. Do not deceive yourselves. You cannot live forever shut in the mummy-cases of your own fantasies, however colourful they are, however compelling. For without Inspiration the colours will dim, the power lessen. No amount of stimulation from your thought or from your senses, no act of will can then bring Life. You will slowly sink into unconsciousness and, as your dreams become nightmares, you yourselves will fall victims to your self-created images of fear.

Draw upon My Breath, which is wafted to you and all beings through the rhythmic beating of My wings. This Holy Breath may not be concealed, conserved, kept imprisoned in one place, within one person - even within one God or Goddess. It is for all. And as it is for all, it brings all. Open yourselves to the wind of Inspiration, and you lose nothing but the hardening case of a coffin of outworn theologies and cramping laws. Instead, you will gain the riches of Eternity and make better theologies, nobler laws. Allow Truth to cleanse your minds as a strong wind brings renewal. For Truth expresses Herself as new understanding and She may not be bound or blindfolded. This courage to face the unveiled Truth means that you lose the sleep of nonentity. You breathe freely, you open your eyes fearlessly: you sit; you stand; then with the wings of Horus you fly with Me. You use the many-coloured winding-sheet of dreams that once bound you as a robe that you wear at will.

Hear My Call and awaken!

Mystery of the Awakening of Osiris

On the altar let there be one red lighted candle, incense burning, a vessel of salted water, bread, and a green branch. One or two devotees may read the ritual, or Priestess and Priest enact the ceremony, with devotees representing the deities. Osiris lies before the altar, a black veil covering his face, and with his arms crossed. Priestess offers incense.

We offer incense to the Goddess Isis and to the God Osiris. May we be blessed as we enact Their Mystery.

Priest: Lament with us. The God Osiris is dead.

(Priest puts out the candle's light.)

Priest: He lieth in a chest made from the Erica Tree by His brother, the God Set, the skillful craftsman. Set painted it with coloured pictures marvelous to behold, and the heart of Osiris yearned for it and He lay in it. But the chest was measured to the form of the body of Osiris so he could not escape. And so He died yet what dreams hath He in this sleep of death?

Priestess: He liveth in dreams: He fleeth, yet his enemy killeth Him many times. He is dismembered, and each fragment is scattered concealed throughout Two Lands of Khem. And as He sleepeth, His Wife protecteth Him.

Isis: I repel His enemies and cause the deeds of the mischief-maker to retreat by the power of My mouth. I take action for My Husband: while He is lost in dreams, I seek Him without turning. I rove through the lands as the wailing kite without rest until I find Him and awaken Him to life. I provide shade for His lost soul with My feathers, and I create wind with My wings that I may bring My Husband to peace. I strengthen the weakness of Him Who is tired of heart. I have born an heir, Horus, and suckled the infant in solitude - the place where He is unknown.

Priest: Osiris in his sleep of death heareth the words of Isis and of Her search. Memory cometh unto Him.

Osiris: Lo! Love awakens in My heart for My wife. I know Myself to be Osiris. Yet am I but the living dead when I have knowledge, but cannot move even one finger. Who will call Me into Life with magic words of Power?

Priestess: Hear the Call of Isis to Thee, Osiris, that Thy soul may awaken.

Isis: Come to Thy house, come to Thy house, O God On, come to Thy house, that Thou mayest see Me. I am Thy Wife, Whom Thou loves: Thou shalt not part from Me, O fair Youth; come to Thy house. Yet doth My heart yearn after Thee and Mine eyes desire Thee. Come to Her Who loves Thee, Unnefer, blessed one. Come to Thy Wife, come to Thy Wife. Come to Thy house and Thy Wife. I am twin of Thy soul, for We two are Children of the Goddess Nuit Whose starry body archeth across the sky of night. Thou art in verity the shepherd with the crook that guardeth the starry flocks of darkness. With My White Star I follow Thee as Thou sinkest into the depths of the Western Ocean at the end of the world. Gods and men have buried their faces towards Thee and weep for Thee together. I call after them and weep. Yet am I Thy Wife Whom Thou didst love. My Lover! My Lover!

Osiris: I see Myself in many dreams with many names and many forms: I hear the Call of My beloved Isis: and I call My many selves unto Me and I name them. For all are Osiris. May all of these be awakened with Me for are they not my kin?

Maat: A swallow brought news of the death of Osiris to Isis, and so She set forth to save Him. May swallows and all winged creatures live for ever. So sayeth the Goddess Maat.

Set: Seven scorpions were companions to Isis in Her quest. May scorpions and reptiles and all creeping things live for ever. So sayeth the God Set of the cunning hand.

Harpocrates: Isis took the form of a vulture to heal Her younger son, Harpocrates from the poison of the scorpion. May vultures and all creatures of the Wild live for ever. So sayeth the God Harpocrates of the Mystery of the Scorpion.

Anubis: Dogs aided Isis in Her search for the fragments of the body of Osiris. May dogs and all four footed beasts live for ever. So sayeth Anubis with the jackal's head.

Horus: When My Mother Isis called on all human beings to help Her search for Harpocrates, marsh dwellers and fishermen gave Her aid, and wept with Her, and they rejoiced when She healed Her Son. May marsh-dwellers and fishermen and all humble folk live for ever. So sayeth the God Horus with the golden eyes of a hawk.

Nephthys: Isis was found by the Royal Hand-Maidens at the Well: and She braided their hair and breathed upon them sweet perfumes. May maidens and all children live for ever. So sayeth the Goddess Nephthys, friend of Departed Souls.

Hathor: Queen Malcandre of Byblos gave Isis her own child to nurse. And Isis held the child over flames and so was he made immortal. May mothers and all men and women live for ever. So sayeth the Goddess Hathor of the Moon disc held by the Cow's Horns.

Thoth: Queen Malcandre gave Isis the Tamarisk Tree which held the body of Osiris within the wooden chest of Erica. May the Tamarisk Tree and the Erica Tree and all growing things live for ever. So sayeth the God Thoth, with the Ibis Head, Who holdeth the scroll of papyrus.

Priest: Wise are the Deities. The search is ended, Isis hath found Osiris within the Tree.

Priestess: Isis opened the painted chest, and laying Her face on the face of Her Husband, and Her heart upon His heart, She kissed Him, and She wet His face with Her tears. The winged Isis breathed into His nostrils and His mouth the Breath of Life. And behold He lived again.

Isis takes the vessel of water and goes on one knee by Osiris. She removes the veil. She sprinkles his brow with water and places her hand on his heart. Now she bends and kisses him on the brow.

Isis: Osiris Awake!

Priest lights the candle.

Osiris slowly rises to his feet and faces Isis. They stand at either side of the altar and they raise the palms of their hands towards each other, until the palms are an inch away. When a flow of power is felt, they turn towards the Participants, palms held forth in blessing.

Priest: The miracle is accomplished and all things are renewed. Osiris is risen from the dead. Glory and Praise and Thanksgiving be unto Isis, for Hers is the Palm of Victory.

Priest gives Isis the green branch.

Deities: Osiris is restored to us! He hath awakened to Eternal Life.

Music: Deities surround Osiris.

Osiris: Who are these glorious beings that standeth about Me? I behold My Wife Isis, and Her sister Nephthys. My brother Set holdeth forth to Me a garment of twelve colours. Horus with the Utchat Eye of Morning greeteth Me and Hathor of the Cow's Head gives Me the love of the Mother. Before Me is Maat with the Feather of Truth. On My right hand is Anubis with the scales of Justice, and on My left band is Thoth of the hidden wisdom. My brother Harpocrates of the Mysteries holds one finger to His mouth enjoining Silence.

Priestess: Let us meditate upon the Key of Isis that opens the doors of the Upper World of the Winged Ones: and the doors of Amenti, the Underworld where Osiris reigns with crook and winnowing flail.


Priest gives each participant a piece of bread with these words: From Osiris take immortal wheat that your soul may awaken and gain the harvest of many lives.

Priestess places water on the brow of each participant with these words: From Isis receive the Water of Life. May you know your immortality.

Priest: (turning to altar) Thanks are given to Isis and Osiris for the Mystery of The Awakening of Osiris.

Priestess faces participants, arms raised in Isis position.

Priestess: May all beings awaken into Eternal Reality. May you go forth in peace.


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