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Chamber Music

Bartok's Ghost (solo violin)--PDF of complete score 

Bartok's Ghost


  Duo for Bassoons

Bassoon Duo

Dark Eyes - Piano Trio (2010) by Edward Lein


Fanfare, for Oboe & Viola (2011)

Sonatina for Cello and Piano "Bygones" (2010-2012)

1. Prelude ("Nostalgia")

2. Fugue ("No Regrets")

3. Finale ("Bygones")

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September (2008), for viola, trumpet or clarinet and piano

September (Viola & piano)

Sonatina for violin & piano (2007)
The Sonatina was composed in 2007, and, as the title suggests, its direct, neoclassical style incorporates familiar formal patterns. The first movement adopts the precepts of sonata form, and the Nocturne presents a languid tune that alternates with a hymn-like chorale. The final Scherzo is an incisive transformation of the second movement theme, and its “trio” section further transforms the tune into a rather mundane parlor waltz which gains character as it progresses. The Sonatina was written at the request of Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra violinist Max Huls, and was premiered in June 2008 by The Huls Clark Duo (Max Huls, violin, and Christine Clark, piano).

1. Allegro moderato     
Violin Sonatina-1. Allegro moderato by Edward Lein

2. Nocturne     
Violin Sonatina-2. Nocturne by Edward Lein

3. Scherzo (Finale)
Violin Sonatina-3. Scherzo-Finale by Edward Lein

Un Dulcito (suite for violin & cello, 2009)

1. Hoodoo (samba)

2. Tangle (tango)

3. La llarona

4. Rumor (rumba)

2. Tangle (live performance)