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This module (actually called the Epistemological Tradition) for the BA Philosophy at UCLan divides, roughly, into two sections. Weeks 1-6 concern scepticism whilst weeks 7-12 concern the analysis of knowledge. That said, scepticism is one of the key problems that drives the analysis of knowledge whilst any satisfactory response to scepticism will involve a view of the nature of knowledge so the two halves are connected.

The essential readings will be available on WebCT. Most, however, are to be found in the following which also contains a host of related papers to support serious scholarship.
  • Sosa, E., Kim, J., Fantl, J., and McGrath, M. (2010) Epistemology: an anthropology, Oxford: Blackwell 
There is NO textbook for the module as none is entirely satisfactory. But any of these (and others) will give you a feeling for the subject. 
  • Pritchard, D. (2009) What is this thing called knowledge? London: Routledge
This is very clear and a good start but modest in its depth. You can learn more! 
  • Williams, M. (2001) Problems of Knowledge: A Critical Introduction to Epistemology, Oxford: Oxford University Press 
This is rather more challenging, but excellent. 
  • Gascoigne, N. (2007) Scepticism,Chesham: Acumen 
A specialist introduction to scepticism.

The handbook is here.

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