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Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Florida

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Well, you're still with us....

Here's our humble biographies:

Rick & Suds?

(Which is which...?)


First Radio Job: 1970 in Disney, MT - KGCX Miami Talk Radio Anniversary: April 23, 1990

Favorite Comedian: Bob Green Favorite Song: I Can See Clearly by Jimmy Cliff Favorite TV Show: Duckman

Favorite Carpentry Tool: A nail.

Job Before Radio: Designed Prosthesis (left leg knee joints)

Birthday: August 23, 1944 Elkland, PA Status: Married. To Pam, who I met in Seattle in 1984. We were married in 1986. Twelve wonderful years honey! Really.

Shoe size: 36DD (WARNING! Don't take clown feet steroids)

Hobbies: Playing hammered dulcimer, Sahara Trout Fishing, Not Skiing.

Favorite Band: Anything that doesn't begin with "Hootie"

Rick Riley Born: Yes (In a manger)

Birthday: 5/6/51

Wife: Carin Riley. Former Miami Dolphin Cheerleader. Currently rescuer of small furry forest animals that peer at them from underneath the furniture, Rick says she thinks he's generous, gorgeous, and hilarious. The ultimate man. She just hasn't said it yet.

Children: Chad - 6'3", 16 year old. Answers to the name of Taco Bell, Subway or McDonalds. Can be identified by the thumping of bass in the car driving by. Likes anything he can get someone else to pay for. Kyle, 12 years old. Plays hockey, roller blades, surfs. Great athlete, gets good grades and doesn't look anything like Rick. Get it?

Pets: Lot of 'em.

Hobbies: Skiing, anything that burns gas and goes fast, not Star Trek.

Likes: Building clay models of the people he works with and running them over and over again with the car.

Favorite Groups: George Thorogood, Eric Clapton not Star Trek.

Favorite Comedian: Bill Clinton.

Favorite Song: Allman Brothers, Stormy Monday (Albert King's Blue Power is a close second)

Favorite TV Show: Not Star Trek!

First Radio Job: 1973 - WKXY, Sarasota, Florida

Job Before Radio: Welfare. (Be glad I got into radio).

Miami Talk Radio Anniversary: See Sud's

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