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FREE - Watch live sports games on the internet including soccer (futbol), basketball, baseball, football, and cricket. They all can be seen free on the following links. There is no charge to watch these and most have interactive chat rooms as well.

While it is illegal for anyone to broadcast copyrighted material to the public without permission of the copyright owner, in this case the sports franchises are the copyright owners to the game video. You can be sure that none of the live broadcasters at the link have permission to broadcast these games. But, nonetheless, the web site owner ( allows the live broadcasts unless the copyright owner notifies them that they are in violation of their copyright.

What the new copyright law says about intellectual property:

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The Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Act of 2008 was signed into law by President Bush in October 2008. The bill has a forfeiture provision that will allow law enforcement to seize assets from anyone accused of intellectual-property theft — even before they are proven guilty. It also authorizes more than $50 million to help state and federal law-enforcement agencies.

According to NPR public radio, "one of the most notable provisions is the creation of an intellectual property coordinator. This is a White House-level position to be appointed by the president; some people are calling the new post the IP czar. (In fact, the House version of the bill did call the position a czar, but it was taken out in conference.) The IP coordinator will oversee the law-enforcement efforts of some very disparate government agencies — the U.S. Trade Representative, the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department and the Department of Justice — in the area of piracy and IP infringement."

Free Live Sports Games On The Internet

FREE Live network entertainment shows on the internet including network TV shows from around the world and video games being played live on the web. Most channels also include live chat rooms where visitors can interact with each other.

Note: These live broadcasts are being broadcast by individuals who have not obtained permission from the copyright owners, usually the television show or movie production companies or the video game producers. The website owner ( allows the broadcasts until the copyright owner notifies them of copyright violatons.

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FREE Live personal video broadcasts by "featured broadcasters" on, these are individuals using a live webcam from locations around the world and can be seen at the following link. In most channels visitors can chat live with the channel broadcaster anytime.

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