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Hendry County, Florida

The Citrus Capital of Florida

Located midway between Ft. Myers and West Palm Beach







Employee Hiring and Training Employee Hiring and Training

Through cooperation with area educational institutions and training partners, Hendry county coordinates programs that develop a workforce capable of responding to the needs of today's businesses. Hendry County Schools

The Hendry County School Board, through its vocational technical center, provides a wide variety of services to firms in Hendry County.

The technical centers is capable of offering special training programs custom designed to meet a firm's specialized needs. Nearly all training programs are offered at an affordable cost. Business and Industry service training programs are designed to give quick responses to expectations and requirements. The center is flexible and can offer classes before, during or after work; with some types of training done at the business location. The centers will work with small or large firms to custom tailor a training program to meet individual company needs. Programs are offered in, but not limited to the following areas:

    • Business and Office Practices

    • Supervisory Management

    • Industrial/Technical Training

    • Professional Development

    • Health and Safety

    • Auto CAD

Workforce Development BoardOn-the-Job Training - Employers can receive a reimbursement of up to 50% of wages paid to qualified employees when the company agrees to provide the training.

Customized Training - Employers needing to hire and train larger numbers of employees (groups of 8 - 10 or more) in the same or similar jobs may qualify for customized training. The Board coordinates and pays for the training to the employers' specifications when qualified individuals are trained and the company commits to hire those who successfully complete the training.

Florida Jobs and Benefits Service

The Job Service will prescreen applicants, take I-9 and application forms and forward potential candidates to the appropriate human resources officers, all at no cost to the company. Interviewing may take place either at the Job Service Office, the employer's business or another designated site.

Job Service representatives are available to assist in the completion of applications and answer question about the positions available. Current labor information such as average wages by position are available through the local offices or the centralized labor analyst.

Companies who already use this service are:

    • U.S. Sugar

    • Alico

Quick Response Training ProgramThe Quick Response Training Program is a customer-driven program designed as an inducement to secure new value-added businesses to Florida as well as provide existing businesses the necessary training programs for expansion. The program is administered under the direction of Enterprise Florida's Jobs and Workforce Development Board, with technical advice provided by the Department of Education. Awarded funds will reimburse the local education provider.

Business/Industry Roundtable

The Economic Development Board has assembled a working group of company managers to offer counsel and direction to the institutions and agencies that will be the primary providers of education and training to the Hendry County workforce. The Development Board acts as the liaison to the local universities and colleges, the technical center, and the Job Services of Florida.

Tax and Finance Incentives Tax and Finance Incentives

In partnership with city, county, and state governments, Hendry County can help qualified businesses secure tax refunds or tax-free bond financing.

Property Tax Exemptions

Hendry County has passed an Economic Development ordinance allowing for the exemption of property taxes for real estate improvements and equipment. Qualifying firms must either build new facilities or expand existing facilities and hire 10 or more new full-time employees to be eligible for up to 10 years ad valorum county tax exemptions. The current ad valorum tax rate is 8.91 mils.

Industrial Revenue Bonds

Hendry County has been a leader in the issuance of Industrial Revenue Bonds. Bonds are for financing a wide variety of manufacturing projects, and range in amounts from $2,000,000 to $10,000,000. The state of Florida also offers a small bond program.

Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund ProgramThis program, administered through Enterprise Florida, provides tax refunds to pre-approved applicants of up to $5,000 per new job created. New or expanding businesses in selected targeted industries or corporate headquarters are eligible. Industries approved under the QTI program include:

    • Corporate Headquarters

    • Fabricated Metal Products

    • Food and Kindred Products

    • Industrial Equipment and Machinery

    • Apparel and Other Textile Products

    • Electronic and Electric Equipment

    • Furniture and Fixtures

    • Transportation Equipment

    • Paper and Allied Products

    • Instruments and Related Products

    • Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastics

    • Miscellaneous Manufacturing

    • Primary Metal Industries

    • Back Office Insurance and Finance

Sales Tax Exemption

Expanding businesses may be eligible for sales tax exemptions. Sales and use tax exemptions are available for manufacturing equipment purchases above $50,000, research and development costs, exemptions for the motion picture, television, and sound recording industries.

Manufacturer's Electricity Sales Tax ExemptionCharges for electricity used directly and exclusively to operate machinery and equipment used to manufacture or produce items for sale or to operate pollution control, recycling or maintenance equipment are exempt from sales tax. A five year phase in period will be used to implement this exemption. Beginning on July 1, 1997, 20% of qualifying electricity charges will be exempt. The exemption will increase to 40% beginning on July 1, 1997, 60% beginning on July 1, 1998, 80% on July 1, 1999, and finally 100% on July 1, 2000.

Recycling Tax Incentives

In 1988, several tax incentives were created to encourage business recycling and to spark the development of the recycling industry in Florida.

Manufacturing Equipment Tax Exemption

Designated new manufacturing industries locating in Florida are allowed a refund on the 6% sales tax paid on purchases of new machinery and equipment qualifying as Section 38 property, as defined in the Internal Revenue Code. If a manufacturer obtains a temporary exemption permit from the Department of Revenue, then qualifying machinery and equipment may be purchased tax exempt instead of the firm paying the tax and claiming a refund.

Expanding Florida manufacturers who meet specific criteria can also qualify for an exemption on new production machinery and equipment. For an existing manufacturer wanting to expand, a $50,000 cap on sales tax liability is imposed for purchases of machinery and equipment that will increase production by at least 10%.

Aircraft Tax Exemption

Aircraft Tax Exemption - Repairs, modification, and maintenance of aircraft weighing over 20,000 pounds are exempt from sales taxes.

Aerospace Tax Exemption

Aerospace Tax Exemption - Machinery, fuel, and equipment for production of items used exclusively at Spaceport Florida are tax exempt.

Agriculture Tax Incentive

Agriculture Tax Incentive - Sale of farm equipment is taxed at only 3%.

Boiler Fuel Tax Exemption

Boiler Fuels (which include recycled oil, waste oil, and solid waste materials used as fuel,) materials incorporated in the final product, and containers/packaging are not subject to sales and use tax.

Computer Software Tax Exemption

Custom software and certified resource recovery equipment are exempt from the sales and use tax, as is cogeneration of electricity.

Pollution Control Tax Incentive

Equipment is assessed at salvage value for property tax purposes.

Infrastructure and Other Incentives Infrastructure and Other Incentives

Economic Development Transportation Fund

Expanding or Locating firms are eligible for up to $2,000,000 in assistance in grants from Enterprise Florida when a project demands improvements in transportation infrastructure.

Permitting and Regulatory Assistance

The Hendry County Permit Team is a development review committee that meets as needed to perform such tasks as:

    • Preliminary and final plat review

    • Land Use

    • Site plan coordination

    • Infrastructure coordination

The committee is composed of representatives from Hendry County's Engineering, Planning, Zoning, Legal, Building, and Utilities Departments as well as members from other state and local agencies. The team will schedule pre-application meetings with business prospects so the prospect will know exactly what information will be needed to make the permitting process go smoothly.

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