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Neil Rogers died December 24, 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida of heart failure. He had been ill for some time with diabetes and heart problems.

Updates: This is an archived site featuring the site as it appeared when Rick (Gordon Shannon) Riley and Suds Coleman were on Miami radio back in the 1990s. Today (2010) Rick Riley is in Tennessee after leaving California and leaving the radio business, while Suds Coleman is still in the Miami area, Suds was appearing on WQAM's (560 AM) Neil Rogers program with George (Jorge) Rodriquez on Fridays between noon and 2 p.m. when Neil was on vacation during the summer months.  

Rodriquez was let go on May 13, 2009 by Beasly Broadcasting after many years as Neil Roger's producer. Neil Rogers was bought out of his remaining contract with Beasley Broadcast Group and left the air as of June 22, 2009 and lived in Toronto, Canada. 

George Rodriquez broadcasts a three time weekly (Mon., Wed., Fri.) 3-hour internet radio show at http://sofloradio.com, where Suds Coleman usually appears on alternate Wednesdays for an hour or two.Rick and Suds met together for the first time in ten years on the George Rogriquez Show on the internet on January 3, 2011. Rick shares stories of how they originally met and never heard before stories about their career:


A recent email (2010) from Rick's wife Carin says "Rick left radio in 2001 due to a format change which removed all local talent in lieu of syndicated programming. After trying his hand at two internet based stock market businesses, he has settled very nicely into voiceover work. He is now living in the Nashville area with his wife (Carin, the former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader) and two daughters. His website www.rickrileyvoice.com (which is currently under construction) reflects his unique voice talent. His demos can also be heard at www.voices123.com or www.voices.com Just put in a search for Rick Riley. Just for fun, he can be heard as “the wit” on The Knit Wits podcast (available on ITunes and at www.knitwitspodcast.blogspot.com) which he records with his wife, “the knit”.''

Rick's current email address (2010) is rick@rickrileyvoice.com    

The email link to Suds may not be current.

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