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August 30, 2009

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Susan English - Stole $120,000 To Help Grandkids?

Arrested Jail Administrator Says Stolen Money's Gone

LABELLE, FL. -- Former Henry County Jail administrator, Major Susan Russe Sibbald English has told an investigator in a written statement that she blames her husband's loss of a job and having to take custody of two grandchildren as reasons for taking funds from a LaBelle jail account.

According to a 'probable cause' affidavit prepared by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to gain an arrest warrant for Maj. English, a 53-year old 5' 3'' blonde, records at the jail indicated inconsistencies in the disposition of of funds from the accounts under her control, leading Sheriff Steve Whidden to call in the FDLE to investigate.

In March 2009, the FDLE was informed by the Hendry Sheriff's office of suspicious activity in jail accounts. It was learned that English made frequent cash withdrawals from the Olde Cypress Community Bank in LaBelle, but records documenting the cash withdrawals could not be found in her records. Cashed checks were made out in amounts from $355 to $3210 over three years.

In 2006, the affidavit says English cashed $31,329 at the LaBelle bank. The amount of cash taken rose in 2007 to $42,206, and in 2008 to $46,807. Tellers at the Olde Cypress Bank confirmed to investigators that English made frequent cash withdrawals from the jail account.

English made out the checks from a so called petit cash account so she could cash them, but wrote on the check stubs they were for various vendors to disguise them should anyone check. Lt. Michael Kosh provided a sworn statement that he was unaware of any type of 'cash drawer' at the jail. He said that English had told him in January 2009, just before her retirement to not tell the finance department or administration about the jail canteen account.

In May, FDLE Special Agent Ryan Walker interviewed English when she admitted to begin writing checks in 2006 for cash and cashing them at the bank, about one every two weeks she said.

English said the money was to pay for childcare for grandchildren, clothes, doctor bills for her grandchildren, and vehicle repairs for her personal vehicle. She said she had given her step children about $30,000 each from the cash from the jail account. English said she tried to cover up the thefts by writing on check that they were from a petit cash drawer, which actually didn't exist.

English claims that all the money she took has been spent. She says she is ''extremely sorry'' for everything she had done. She is out of jail on $25,000 bond and presumably is living in Westville, Florida, according to the arrest records.

Former Hendry Appraiser Kulpa In Court

Kristina Kulpa Gets Ready For Trial To Get Her Job Back

LABELLE, FL. -- Former Hendry County Property Appraiser Kristina A. Kulpa showed up at the Courthouse in LaBelle this morning for three motions presented to Circuit Judge Christine Greider in her case against Supervisor of Elections head Lucretia Strickland.

Kulpa lost last year's election for Hendry Property Appraiser to Phillip Pelletier, and wants the court to overturn the election, claiming various irregularities surrounded the voting at the Clewiston polling place last November.

Judge Christine Greider denied a motion by Hendry County Attorney Mark Lapp on behalf of the Hendry County Canvassing Board for a Summary Final Judgement to remove the Board from the case. Although there seems to be no claims of fault against the Board in the law suit, Greider pointed out that Florida Statutes say the Board is an indispensable party to suits regarding elections, and so must remain part of the process.

Kulpa's attorney George L. Zinkler, making an appearance by telephone from Boca Raton, was denied his motion to compel Hendry Elections Supervisor Lucretia Strickland to produce voter information including voter oaths of affirmation, voter assistance forms, and voter registration forms. The Judge said Kulpa can go to Strickland's office to view them in Strickland's presence.

Strickland is being represented by local attorney James O. Luckey, at Hendry taxpayer expense because she is an elected official working for the county. The legal bill so far total $77,609.77 and will rise much higher after bills come in from the numerous witness depositions heard this month and a two-day trial next month.

Kulpa today was granted permission by the court to access absentee ballot envelopes, see the signatures on them and examine the signatures on file with the Supervisor of Elections office, but was not given court permission to make copies of anything.

Kulpa's attorney wants to determine the authenticity of the signatures of some absentee ballot envelope, claiming Kulpa has reason to believe some of the absentee ballots may have not been signed by the voter, but by a third party.

Judge Greider admonished the attorneys: ''This case needs to be moved along, folks,'' pointing out these last minute motions being heard today. The case was filed by Kulpa after last year's elections and the depositions have just finished this week, in preparation for a September 21st and 22nd non-jury trial.

Hendry Commissioners Try To Cut Costs 10%

Hendry Commissioners Hold Budget Workshops - Now Ready For Public Comment

LABELLE, FL. -- The Hendry County Board of County Commissioners met on August 18th and19th at a public workshop to work on the 2009-2010 county budget. The Commissioners were looking for a 10% decrease in the budget across the board from both the general fund and from the constitutional officers.

As a result of cost cutting measures by the Board, for the third year, Hendry county employees will not receive any cost of living increases, raises or bonuses. Commissioner Tris Chapman said, ''Call me old fashioned, but when property values decline by 10% as they have on average this year, our constituents should see a 10% decrease in their property taxes."

One area under consideration is the cost of employee health insurance benefits. Employees would be asked to take on a greater share of the costs for their insurance benefits. Commissioner Kevin McCarthy stated that health insurance is a huge issue and must remain affordable.

Constitutional officers, the Clerk of Court, and County Property Appraiser, also worked to reduce their budgets by the suggested cuts. The Commissioners expressed a desire for consistency in the budget process as opposed to only asking one part of the government to cut their costs. Commissioner Janet Taylor expressed her appreciation for the hard work done by her fellow Commissioners and staff in reviewing the budget and finding areas to reduce costs.

The workshop discussions continued on August 25th regarding the Hendry County Sheriff's budget. The Sheriff committed to saving money wherever he could to reduce his budget. Insurance is an area he will be looking into to make some additional adjustments. Commissioner Harris conveyed his appreciation for the excellent job staff did in restoring the $2.7 million the Commissioners borrowed from the Disaster Relief fund used to balance the FY 2009 budget.

The first public hearing on the proposed 2010 budget is scheduled for September 3rd at 5:15 p.m. in the Clewiston City hall located at 115 W. Ventura. The second public hearing is scheduled for September 22nd at 5:15 p.m. in the Hendry County Courthouse in LaBelle. For further information please call 863-675-5264.

Boil Water Notice Cancelled - Port LaBelle

Malfunction At Port LaBelle Water Plant

LABELLE, FL. -- A boil water notice this week has been lifted for the Port LaBelle Utility Service area in Hendry County. All Port LaBelle residents were advised to bring drinking water to a rolling boil for at least one minute prior to consumption. The notice was necessary due to a pump malfunction at the water treatment plant.

The pump problem was the result of the failure of an electrical contoller. The water plant at Port LaBelle passed Bacteriological Sample Tests (BacT's) Friday from the Health Department.

The notice affected over 5,000 residents in the Port LaBelle area that spans over 11 square miles. Several schools, a hotel/restaurant and daycare facility were affected as well. Samples were immediately sent to the Health Department for testing.

The notice was issued as a precaution and there was no suspected contamination. The water pressure went below the acceptable amount, which by law requires Port LaBelle Utilities to issue the notice.

The potential health risk is a backflow situation where contaminated water might possibly enter the water mains when pressure goes below a certain level.

Hendry Tax Assessments Surprise Owners

Most Taxable Values Down - Except Black Communities?

LABELLE, FL. -- While Hendry Property Appraiser Phillip Pelletier has set taxable real estate values down this year compared to last year for most owners in the county, owners are still a bit confused over the numbers for their property taxes which seem to have increased. And owners in Hendry's black communities may have even more questions.

The appraiser's office is getting lots of calls since the 2009 Notice of proposed property taxes were mailed out this week to all Hendry property owners. Many question why the property tax appears to be increasing from last year despite a reduction in taxable value. And others may question why property in black neighborhoods is valued by the appraiser's office higher than lots in white neighborhoods in Port LaBelle.

Property taxes are under the jurisdiction of the various taxing levying agencies such as the school board, the county commissioners, hospital board, and fire and water districts. These boards decide on the taxes at meetings held around the county in September at which they will make final decisions on the tax . All meetings are open to the public, and to a large extent boards will decide to raise or lower taxes based on input from the public at each meeting. They have already had workshops with county department heads to discuss the needs and wants of each.

The property appraisers office however, does not set the tax rate but sets the taxable value of each parcel. Your taxes will depend on how high Pelletier's staff sets your property's worth. Port LaBelle property owners this year had a pleasant surprise tax-wise as Pelletier dropped values from $7980 to $5500 this year. Port LaBelle is Hendry county's largest subdivision with 30,000 acres of land, mostly vacant quarter acre lots.

However, owners of property in Hendry's predominantly black neighborhoods, Harlem in Clewiston, and the areas around Martin Luther King Boulevard in LaBelle have lots this year valued by Pelletier's office higher than Port LaBelle lots. Standard sized lots in those mostly lower income areas are typically smaller than middle class Port LaBelle lots. Port LaBelle lots are typically .20 acres while Harlem lots are .19 acres, or one-quarter acres in Port LaBelle compared to one-fifth acre in Harlem.

For example one-fith acre lots around Virginia Ave in Harlem this year are valued by Pelletier's office at around $6160 compared to a slightly larger one-quarter acre lot in Port LaBelle at $5500.

Why the disparity? An appraiser from the office says that property sales in Harlem support the higher values. Port LaBelle owners are not going to complain about their low values this year, even though they seem to be getting the benefit of lower taxes even on larger lots than Harlem's.

15 Hendry Vehicle Burglary Cases Closed

Confession Leads to One Arrest, 28 Criminal Charges

LABELLE, FL. -- After taking reports of two car burglaries on Sunday, August 16, 2009, Hendry County Deputy George Elver found reason to make contact with Jesus Carranco, 1270 C.R. 830, in Felda. During the investigation, Carranco admitted to committing several vehicle burglaries in the Felda area. Cooperating with the Deputy, he then volunteered to take him to each of the locations where he committed the crime.

After speaking with victims and collecting statements, Deputy Elver went back to the home of Carranco who then willingly handed over property that had been taken from the vehicles. As a result over 15 vehicle burglaries were cleared and nearly all the property that had been taken was recovered. Some property recovered has not been identified by victims. If you believe you may be a victim and notice items missing from your vehicle please contact the Sheriff�s Office at 674-5600.

During the interview process, the suspect admitted to Elver that many of the victims made it easy for him by leaving their vehicles unlocked. Carranco admitted to Deputy Elver that he was only entering unlocked vehicles and was primarily interested in electronic devices.

Deputy Elver arrested Carranco on two outstanding Violation of Probation warrants and charged him with 26 counts of burglary and theft. He is currently in the Hendry County Jail in LaBelle and is being held on $113,000.00 bond. Additional charges are pending.

Three LaBelle Vehicle Burglary Arrests

Three Arrested for Attempted Vehicle Burglaries

LABELLE, FL. -- In the early morning hours of August 23, 2009, Hendry County Deputies responded to the area of Green Tree Apartments on South State Road 29 south of LaBelle, to investigate three males attempting to break into vehicles.

It was reported by witnesses that three males had approached three different parked vehicles looking inside the windows and at the equipment in the bed of one of the trucks. Witnesses saw one of the men attempt to open the door of a 1995 Chevy SUV. As the suspects tried to open the door the interior light came on, causing the three men to run and get into a black truck.

Hendry Deputy Rick Shephard and Sgt. Perry Short located the three individuals and questioned them about their presence in the parking lot after 2:00 am. They all three stated they were there to pick up a friend. Dep. Shephard and Sgt. Short later observed inside the vehicle a black ski mask on the front passenger floorboard, two flashlights one located on the front passenger door compartment and one found in the rear passenger seat and a small plastic zip lock bag containing a small amount of white powder which tested positive for cocaine, in the driver door armrest.

Based on information provided by witnesses and the items found inside the vehicle, 20 year old Paulo Arredondo was arrested and charged with Possession of Burglary Tools with intent to use, Loitering and Prowling, and Possession of Cocaine. Arrendondo is being held on a $7,000.00 bond. Both 17 year old Virgilio Leon, and 17 year old Lucio Martinez Carranco (younger brother of Jesus Carranco), were arrested and charged with Possession of Burglary Tools with intent to use, and Loitering and Prowling. Both Carranco and Leon were released to family members.

Chemical Spill In Hendry County

Roads Closed At US 27 And SR 80

CLEWISTON, FL. -- State Road 80 and the southbound lanes of US 27 were closed at the SR80/US27 intersection west of Clewiston due to a chemical spill.

Approximately 250 to 300 gallons of magnesium nitrate from the spill was cleaned up, and the road was closed for several hours.

The spill was the result of a 2002 Mack truck, driven by Alan Wade of Lake Placid, hauling two tanks of fertilizer turning left from US27 to SR80 when the tanks fell from the trailer. Traffic was diverted until 3 P.M. Thursday as hazmat crews continued the cleanup.

Wade was charged with failing to secure the load by the FHP.

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Inspired by the latest 3D movies and television broadcasts, Don Browne is incorporating live 3-D live video in some portions of his daily broadcasts on Browne, a featured broadcaster/producer on the worldwide live webcam network, began showing live video in 3D from LaBelle, Fl. in his informal live daily broadcasting.

He's on the internet daily, where anyone using 3D glasses with red and cyan (blue-green) lenses can see the stereo 3D vision broadcasts at

More 3D video and photos and how to get 3D glasses.

The glasses necessary for the internet 3D broadcasts are "standard" 3D lens colors and are different from the Super Bowl 3D glasses or polarized glasses at movie theaters, so he urges to make sure viewers have the standard red/cyan glasses. (Above: To see in 3-D use red and cyan 3D glasses. Photo by Don Browne)

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In Memory

Commentary by T. W. Bill Neville

We have just buried our number four son, Kelly William Neville, and I just wanted to take a few lines to introduce him to you and honor his memory. Kelly was born in Buffalo, N. Y, December 3, 1958, on a typically bitter cold and snowy night. I think that is why he always hated cold weather. As the fourth of our five sons, Kim, Curt, Kevin and Craig, he became the "Boomster", the "Boomper". or just plain "Boomp", for short. Being smaller in stature, but "big of heart", he was always in the middle of any and all of the many "Neville Brothers" neighborhood confrontations and athletic endeavors.

Keeping in mind that "every blessing has it's burdens", Kelly, although he believed in God and prayer, developed an antagonism to religious practices in general, so it became my task to address his concerns. Now before anyone gets the idea that, other than my surviving parenthood, that I'm some sort of religious guru, I, too, at one time had doubts. Fortunately my Mother was able to allay my concerns through an analogy about God and baseball.

So, if you will bear with me, I sat Kelly down and knowing how he loved the Chicago White Sox, I told him Mom's story about "The Lord's Baseball Team." God's team was at bat against Satan's team in a tie game, in the bottom of the ninth, with two outs. Stepping into the batter's box was Love. Love swung at the first pitch and singled into right, because, as God said, "Love never fails." Next at bat was Faith who also singled, but to left, as God said, "Faith always works with Love." Coming to the plate was Godly Wisdom who watched Satan's first pitch miss for a ball, as did his next three piches moving Wisdom to first base on a walk. With the bases now loaded, I spoke as God to Kelly and told him I was bringing in my star player, Grace. Now Grace looked like anything but a star player, and Satan and his team figured they woukd have no problem with Grace. Satan wound up and threw as hard as he could only to have Grace hit a rocket straight at Satan's star center fielder. Satan smiled because nothing got by his center fielder who jumped high in the air only to have the ball slash through his glove, knock him unconcious and proceed marrily over the fence for a grand slam homer, and the game.

I then asked Kelly if he knew why Love, Faith, and Godly Wisdom could get on base, but couldn't win the game? Not surprisingly, Kelly said he didn't know, so I explained that if your love. faith and wisdom had won the game, he would think that he had done it by himself. I asked him to think about it this way. Love, Faith and Wisdom will get you on base, but only God's Grace can get you Home! For in God's master plan, the various religions have evolved with the same singular purpose "getting Home", but the process is and has become as diverse and varied as the participants.

I quoted Ephesians 2:8-9 "For by GRACE are you saved, it is a gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast." And from Psalm 84:11 "For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give GRACE and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly."

Our converation was after he had suffered through an unsuccessful marriage, divorce and anullment, with the one redeeming blessing being, his son and our beloved grandson Jacob. With his untimely, all too soon. passing, we are sustained in the knowledge of his total redemption, and his assured elevation to that "Great Baseball Diamond" in the sky!


Mr. Neville, born in Logansport, Indiana was very active in business and community activities; President of the local Jaycees, and spent 4 years in the Indiana National Guard during the Korean war as a First Seargent. At age 30, he moved family, wife and three sons with one more on the way to Buffalo where he lived for one year before accepting a plastics field sales position in Chicago where his fifth son was born.

After opening up new sales territories from Chicago to the west coast, he accepted the regional sales manager position for the western half of the U. S. He retired from that position after 40 years in 1993, and built a home in Labelle, Fl.. "I've always enjoyed 'wordsmithing' and story telling, particularly when I feel that my words might either motivate or alleviate any of the many challenges that we each accept every day of our lives just by being here."

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Thanks for the notice. Its another mistake by county administration failure to notify properly PLB residents. First that I heard was this morning when checking your site many hours later. Do they expect people to be psychic? We learned from when we lived in the City of LaBelle to always drink bottled water and keep it in the house.

Signs at entrances would have been a nice start.



Who audits the books? Who protects the residents from the money side? Can someone please look into the procedures that they have or don't have for keeping employees from stealing from the tax payers? Don't we have enough trouble keeping our county services functioning without this (easily stopped) type of theft from happening INSIDE the Sheriff's office?



I had always worried that this would happen. Days after a boil water notice, I find out I should have been boiling the water before drinking it. The method of notifying the public is very poor in LaBelle. How can this be fixed?


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