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A listing of naturist, clothing-optional Florida beachs, sources and info.


Tampa Area Naturists is a group formed to promote the implementation of a clothing optional beach in the Tampa Bay area. Future plans are to try to develop a relationship with the Pinellas County Commission and other political bodies to sanction a public clothing optional beach similar to Haulover Beach, north of Miami and Apollo Beach near Cape Canaveral. The proposed beach location is at Ft. Desoto Beach, south of St. Petersburg, Fl., P.O. Box 274121, Tampa, FL 33688-4121


Central Florida Naturists, Inc. (formerly Space Coast Naturists), founded in the spring of 1992, is a Central Florida non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation (and ultimate official designation) of Playalinda and Apollo as clothing optional beaches within Canaveral National Seashore, near Cape Canaveral, on the eastcoast of Florida. The group is a family-oriented club, open to singles, couples, and families. The club welcomes new members and encourages involvement in local, regional, and national naturist activities. Members come from many backgrounds, representing various professions and skills, as well as different political, social, and religious affiliations. PO Box 677009, Orlando Fl., 32867-7009.

HAULOVER BEACH (Southeast Florida - Miami Area)

This beach is one of the few clothing optional beaches located near a major metropolitan city. Just north of Miami and Miami Beach and between the cities of Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles Haulover is a county operated park. The Haulover beach has been a traditional clothing optional location for many years and the local South Florida Free Beaches Association works hard to keep the beach pristine. The beach is guarded by certified lifeguards and group activities include volleyball tournaments and organized events like the clothing optional New Years Eve. Haulover Beach was named as the #2 Beach in the World (after #1 Montalivet Beach in France) by South Beach Magazine.

NAVARRE ISLAND BEACH (Northwest Florida)

The barrier island near Pensacola in northwest Florida is about 20 miles long with access bridges at both the west and the east ends. The west end is where most of the commercial beaches are; the center section is part of Gulf Islands National Seashore and is sparsely used. At the east end is a small commercial area called Navarre beach. To reach the clothing optional area, just drive to the far east end of the shore road at Navarre Beach, or take the east toll bridge (route 87). The shore road dead ends just about 1/2 mile past route 87. If you go straight to the ocean from route 87, you will be at the pier. At the far east end of the shore road, hike over to the shore (about 100 yds) and turn east about another 200 hundred yards (you're now about 1/2 mile to a mile past the pier).

When you pass a fence, you are technically outside the park and in the property of Eglin Airforce Base. This is where the majority of the clothing optional sunbathers are. Some people exercise their option about 200 yards west of the fence, about even with the end of the road, or about 1/2 mile from the pier. They seemed to be very at ease, and is assumed they are local regulars who knew that it was safe there. -information courtesy of a Columbus, Ohio visitor to Navarre Beach

Another visitor to Navarre Island Beach on July 4, 2006 says "I visited Navarre Beach and discovered that the clothing optional beach no longer exists there. While I was sunning, two police on motorcycles notified me that I could be given a ticket for sunbathing. While walking back to my car, I found a local who told me that two or so years ago, the police had shut down the beach to unclothed sunbathers. He pointed out the fence going into Eglin AFB property, which is no longer there, and told me that he had been ticketed for disturbing the peace. Actually he was sunbathing without clothes, but that was what he was arrested for. He fought his charge, but some who didn't had to pay a fine and perform community service."

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APOLLO BEACH (East Central Florida)

Apollo Beach at Cape Canaveral National Seashore, on the Atlantic coast of Florida is a traditionally safe area for sunbathers. Under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service rangers, people have been visiting this fairly remote seashore for many years. At times there have been small signs directing visitors to the clothing optional areas near the south end. However, many sunbathers also visit the northern parts as well. Click on the link for more Apollo Clothing Optional Beach information.

PLAYALINDA BEACH (East Central Florida)

At the Cape Canaveral National Seashore in Brevard County, The Central Florida Naturists organization says "The Brevard County ordinance remains (for now) in effect in the face of past and ongoing legal challenges, the strong public demand for clothing optional recreation is still there and the people still come. If you come to Playalinda Beach for naturist recreation, please stay north of crossover 13. You may wish to be watchful for sheriff deputies. However the National Park Service rangers will not ticket you within the traditional naturist area as they do not enforce county ordinances." In the past, arrests were made here, but recent reports say it's safe now.Photo: Citations from unsupportive Brevard Sheriffs against Brazilian visitor for wearing "skimpy" bathing suit at nearby Playalinda Beach!