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Here are what we feel are the best in Florida and National Weather Maps and other weather information. These maps have been chosen for their speed in loading and completeness of showing what the current weather is. These maps are especially well designed for pilots and travelers to get an overall view of what weather to expect on their flights or trips.

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Florida Weather Center

U.S. Weather Maps and Current Weather Reports

Southeastern US Maps Florida Weather Maps Note for advanced users: The URL address of the radar pages above can easily be edited online to see radar graphics of any U.S. location. To do this, edit the web page URL address to the city code desired. For instance, one of the above radars are for Tampa which is "ktpa." You may change it to any city identifier.

The identifiers available for Florida Nexrad radar are: ktlh (Tallahassee), kjax (Jacksonville), kdab (Daytona Beach), ktpa (Tampa), kmco (Orlando), kpbi (Palm Beach), kmia (Miami), and keye (Key West).

Local City and Area Weather - (text) Aviation Weather for pilots
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