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We have received many millions of visitors to Southwest Florida Online™ since 1996! Think of the exposure your business or website could gain very inexpensively. Your message could be seen by more than 10,000 visitors monthly, for just a few dollars. So sign up for an advertising plan today!

Why advertise on Southwest Florida Online™?

Thanks to our growing list of Southwest Florida Online™ Sponsors and our beginnings in 1996, we are able to keep Southwest Florida Online™ growing in numbers of monthly visitors. Our clients have learned how advertising on the internet with Southwest Florida Online™ increases their business and web page visibility at very low cost. This mean more impressions for your advertising dollar. We currently have over 10,000 visitors weekly. We have about 119 times more visitor and resident inquiries than the local chamber of commerce and we're open 24 hours every day of the year!

Rates are determined by page space and the length of time committed to advertising online. Online advertising with us is at a much lower cost per impression than a newpaper ad. Ads on our internet pages are associated with what your customers are looking for, unlike a newspaper ad. Southwest Florida Online™ adds an extra dimension to your advertising dollar, targeting high income and high education buyers with colorful, informative messsages at low cost per impression.

Because repetition of advertising is the secret of successful ads and to increase your "brand" message, All prices below are for payment in advance for your advertising running 12 months. Please inquire for prices for an advertising campaign of less than 12 months. We will work hard to make your advertising work for you.

Advertising on Southwest Florida Online™ is an excellent way to promote your business or website for only a few dollars a month. The popularity of our useful Southwest Florida visitor and resident information for Hendry and Glades county, Florida is what makes this website such a good medium for advertising.


Can an advertisement be created for me?Yes. We offer complete advertisement creation to make your ads attractive. Prices vary; contact us for more information.

Re-sizing of your current ad can be done free when you sign up for any advertising plan.

When will my ad be added to the schedule?

They will usually begin in as little as 1 hour up to 48 hours depending on complexity

If you would like to apply for an advertising plan, please send an e-mail message to Don Browne explaining what you wish to advertise and an approximate monthly ad budget you are looking for . We will explore what you have to advertise and set you up with all the necessary information to get you started quickly! We do it all, you do not need any technical knowledge of computers or the internet, just tell us what you want to advertise, your business, product, or service and we'll provide you the best way to accomplish it online.

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