Map Contest

Enter the Geo World Map contest. Find clues on maps. Join the fun and maybe win a prize. It's simple to enter.

Geo World Map Contest

How To Enter The Contest

1. Clues will be given below, consisting of geographic map coordinates of locations somewhere around the world.

(see for explanation of latitude and longitude map coordinates)

2. Find that location using any means you wish (Google maps is an easy way! )

3. Find a feature on the map that looks like a letter or number, or punctuation mark (Make sure your map is in "Satellite" view")

4. Write down what it is. ( i.e. "O", "2", "!" )

5. Do the same for each clue in the order of each clue given

6. Guess what word or phrase the clues spell out

7. Email your answer to - Use "contest" in the subject line

8. The first email received with the correct answer will be the winner

9. Multiple entries are permitted

Example From Google Maps: The letter "O"

The Clues:

1. 27.751733 -15.597174

2. 43.591069 -116.402657

3. Letter is one of those found on the 'clue' hint photo at

4. The letter is also found in clue number 3. You only need one letter but this letter appears twice in the clue.

5. This clue was given on my Twitter: in June 2009.

6. 52.4012 13.013109

7. Look for the Lane of Richard in Honolulu, Hawaii

8. Lincoln Highway and Taft (you must email me where this is with your completed contest answer)

9. Benidorm, Spain - Located On The Avenue De Uruguay

10. 44.963462 -93.24028 (one letter)

11. This clue will be found on a news story or advertisement at Southwest Florida Online/Sunday Morning News

12. Let's go to Australia and visit near Wonderland Ave. and Coolart Rd.


The rules and awards are subject to change at anytime and will be announced on this page or other pages as designated. Winners will be announced on this page and at . Entries must follow the steps above including using "contest" in subject line of each entry. Prizes: Amazon gift cards, interview on Don's live webcast, a pat on the back, mostly just having fun with maps and puzzles!

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