Those Who Laugh Hardest are the Deepest in Love

"Those who laugh hardiest at themselves are the deepest in love; their dessert - forever being amused."

Humorously science has also discovered that laughing is good for your health. The endorphins released are called catecholamines . . . a good belly laugh massages chest organs, enhances blood flow, reduces inflammation, and stimulates alertness. Heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure and muscular tension all increase during laughter and them go lower for 45 minutes after. Laurel and Hardy along with The Three Stooges have shortened many a hospital stay.

Had a life-long affirmation of yesterday's "Understanding is greatly overrated" when brought in to facilitate rituals for the annual gathering in Big Sur, California of the National Catecholamine Society back in the '80's. Assumed going there that these people were going to be nothing but fun. Turned out they were so serious about studying the effects of laughter they were the most dour group I had ever played with. In self-defense, ended up modifying the rituals in an attempt to inject some humor into the event.

HO TO THE FLOW . . . for only it knows

Love is . . .